You have every reason to celebrate

You seem to be subject to many conditions. The good news that is that you aren’t. You seem to be. When you attach to stories of how you are subject to the conditions of the world, you suffer. Even if there is a moment when you judge the conditions to be good, when they change, you are deciding in advance to be unhappy. Better not to judge the conditions at all.

Notice how you allow judgments to tell you how you feel about conditions. You may think it is a condition itself that is the cause of discomfort, and it really seems that way, but it is always your judgment about an apparent condition that is the source of  suffering. When you stop inviting suffering through judgment, you abide in the joy and ease that is always alive and vibrant underneath.

Who you are isn’t the character that is moving through a story. All of the judgments you make and believe are about the character and the story. You are using a body to communicate, and the context in which you are communicating is a story. While the body and the story are not real, what you can communicate is real. What you are is real. You are love, joy, peace, ease and truth, and that is what you can communicate. You can turn the trajectory of the character over to who you truly are to run. You can turn the whole of the story over to who you truly are, so it can be brought to a joyful conclusion. When your purpose is to allow the character and the story to be run by who you are, there is no need for judgment.

One of the ways humans spend clock time as they believe they are running their stories is to evaluate characters. The character you are playing cannot be evaluated. No character can be evaluated, except to say, “You are innocent. You are beautiful. You are pure.” Simply notice. When you notice that you are evaluating any character as better or worse than any other character, simply remind yourself: “This is not possible. I am caught up in fantasy.” There is only one evaluation that can be made–innocence. When you look at the story next to this one possible evaluation, it makes no sense. That’s true! There is no sense in it, but the ego will tell you how very sensible and logical it all is.

Remembering that there is no sense and no stability in the story through which your character moves, the only option you have is to allow yourself to be guided through this fantasy by who you really are. Who you really are has never been limited by all the limits that seem so real in the fantasy. You need the unlimited to guide you through the fantasy of limitation.

What you are is prior to all characters. This means that what everyone else is–that’s also prior to all characters. To judge a character in the the story is to judge what isn’t. If you can keep the awareness of who everyone is active as you seem to move through a fantasy with very believable limits, you will be open to the guidance that leads you happily and safely through it.

What truly is–that’s prior to all characters and all stories. This is why you have every reason to celebrate. Whenever you believe that there is no reason to celebrate, you look upon limitations and believe they are real. We invite you to look through limitations and know that unlimited power is exactly what you are, what everyone else is. If you keep this knowledge strong in your awareness, when faced with a seeming limit, you will go straight to the guidance that is always there for you. Guidance will always show you that real-seeming limits have no power at all.

What you truly are is stronger than anything that pretends to be real, so remember as you walk through the fantasy that you always have every reason to celebrate. Everything is on your side, and nothing real is working against any being playing a role here. You are all safe, loved and cherished, forever. It is always our delight to assist you.

Photo by Melissa Askew on Unsplash

7 thoughts on “You have every reason to celebrate

  1. Dear Julie, Just to say Hi and comment on the point you made at the beginning of your video. Have been experiencing such similar feelings as you have expressed. Don’t know from one day to the next if I will continue to Blog. Feel content to go with the flow and continue to process what comes up as it arises. At this point it is a pleasure to just sit back and enjoy the journey, letting higher self do the driving. 😊 It really is all okay, regardless of any appearances to the contrary. Sending you angel hugs and very much love. Betty ✨😇💖🤗✨

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  2. Loved hearing your voice and your journey. Thank you so much for sharing. i can so connect because sometimes i feel so blank too — esp nowadays and even though nothing is coming – no words, poetry, there is no need and it is ok. Learning to not judge myself and learning to be still and live more inside. It is so inspiring always to read your message but today hearing your voice and sharing gave me such a feeling of resonance. My prayers for all love, beauty and sweetness to surround you, dear dear Julie – now and always.

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