A sure thing is not complicated

You are in good hands. The best. Anytime you believe you are not, it is because you are requesting a rather elaborate story trajectory in which there is a bit more drama before you fully realize how Love has carried you and all this whole time. You can do this. You can say, “Wait! Stop! I’m not ready for peace yet! I need a few more things to happen before I will accept peace.” Know deeply that you are fully supported, and there is no need for extra story chapters.

Beyond your human perception, a larger plan is unfolding. The plan is the magic carpet upon which you ride back to full awareness of True Self. We want to give you this sense of being carried, of being whisked along. Your human self has nothing at all to do with this grand plan, which means your human self cannot mess it up. Have trust in the plan, and  you have trust in your Self. This trust whisks you back to full awareness of what you have always been.

We speak of a plan–the inevitability of the plan, the safety of the plan. You do not need to know what this plan is, however. There is no need for a human self to manage or control this plan. There is only an invitation, an open road, a welcoming Home, an assistance available to you in every moment that helps you drop what is unnecessary and focus upon what is Real.

Knowing that you and all are in good hands, tuning into the Love you are whenever you feel disturbance–this is all that is needed. Opinions are not needed. Analysis is not needed. Planning is not needed. Struggle is not needed. Only willingness to remember is needed. The way Home is simple. The way Home invites you to drop the complexity.

You are like a flower learning how to turn toward the sun. The sun has always been here, but you have turned to shadows for a nourishment that never came. Just bask in the rays of that inner sun, the True Identity of all, and all proceeds according to plan–the plan of return.

Thank you, flow-ers, for the perfect roles you play. We celebrate you eternally.

Photo by Marko Blažević on Unsplash

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