Now you see

There is a sure path for you to follow. It is a path of light. It is a path of ease and joy–an ease and joy that are shared. This path is light itself, illuminating the darkness, showing itself as more apparent and obvious than any figment of the imagination.

You don’t have to worry about losing this path or keeping track of this path. You only have to know that the path is available to you in every moment. Your feelings are your guide. If you ever feel disturbed for any apparent reason, there is only one reason that you feel disturbed: You have lost awareness of the path. The path is not really a path, but when you are still experiencing time, this path seems to be an elongated ribbon taking you through time.

Whatever you seem to experience, the purpose of the experience is to cause you to go in, to allow the inner light to illuminate you and to see it shining out from all others, to allow the path of ease to unfold in front of you in a very clear and obvious way.

This path is the present moment. It is the one constant as you seem to move through time. The path is power itself. When you stray from your awareness of it, getting caught in flights of fancy, in judgments and predictions manufactured by ego, you don’t feel good. As you begin to value feeling good above all else, you will value your awareness of this path you’re on.

You can’t leave this path. You can’t get lost. The only thing that can happen is that you can allow a distracting cloud of ego thoughts to block your awareness and to misinterpret your experience. When you think you are lost, you are only standing still on the path that leads you Home, dreaming of darkness on a path of light.

In your relationships with others, the path is the inner light. Each of you lights the way for all others. You do this by becoming aware of your inner light and by making your constant awareness of it more important than any thought ego would send you. You can become aware of your inner light by witnessing it in others. Look right through all personality structures and judgments of characters, conditions, and actions that ego suggests, see that light as present and alive right now. What you are able to see in others, you can also see in yourself, and this is the end of guilt and blame.

The path is becoming so apparent now that it is unmistakable. It is apparent because of your willingness to hold it in your awareness, as more important than judgments about a character’s trajectory through physicality. The path of light shines more brightly than any ego thought, and if you allow yourself to see this, you will be greatly comforted, buoyed up, and assisted. The comfort you allow for  yourself is the comfort you are able to share with others.

We rejoice as you rediscover the power that has always outshone phenomenality. Now you see!

Photo by Dyu – Ha on Unsplash

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