When facing any seeming problem, we invite you to think of simplicity, of effortlessness, of all that is obvious. How do you come through, seemingly on the other side of that problem? You come through not alone as an ego, struggling, but with our ever-present assistance. If you can, see yourself on a path of ease, because this is the truth of you. The recognition of this gives you all the security you need and allows everything to flow.

Complexity is of the ego. Complexity arises when you think you as a separate one must make a decision, when you think the things of the world are real and threatening. You can stay in the illusion that you must find your way our of your own punishment, or you can allow all thought of punishment to dissipate and disappear. When you do this, problems solve themselves.

The truth is that you are actually free from all problems, and so is everyone else. If you are giving yourself the experience of a problem, you are also giving yourself the opportunity to have illusion undone for you. Find your willingness to see all as it truly is. Before you go into action and struggle, ask to see what is real. Any tension or doubt that arises simply demonstrates that you are still attached to a dream and a dream identity. Ask to be assisted in letting go of what you do not need.

When you are able to see yourself as unburdened by problems, you are able to see others as the same. As you recognize your own strength, you can can see theirs very clearly. This is the end of doubt, the end of using unworthiness as a lens through which to view the world. You are free, right now. You are strength itself, right now. Nothing in the illusion could ever be more powerful than this knowing.

When you are looking at your fellows, and anxiety and pity pass away, Love is revealed. Love revealed can be love shared. Put another way, when you see the alive and vibrant connection holding you to another, a connection that can never be damaged in any way, you go with the flow of that Love which joins you. You follow and trust its instructions.

We thank you and rejoice in your willingness to see the right-now worthiness of and strength of all, in all.

Photo by John King on Unsplash


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