Seeing radiance Look at the constellation of characters all around you in the drama you are experiencing. This drama is a means to return you Home, so consider it a journey. On this journey, you will recognize that you value separate aspects of each character. You will learn to stop requesting or relying upon what you … Continue reading Seeing radiance

Now you see There is a sure path for you to follow. It is a path of light. It is a path of ease and joy--an ease and joy that are shared. This path is light itself, illuminating the darkness, showing itself as more apparent and obvious than any figment of the imagination. You don't have to … Continue reading Now you see

Prescription for clear vision

We invite you to notice a moment of judging experience. And then we invite you to view this experience as neutral. It comes to you from past thought, and you can spin a repetition of the experience into the future if you wish to give it significance. What is the alternative to giving it significance, … Continue reading Prescription for clear vision