You have given yourself an opportunity

In the world that you project with thought, everyone is receiving the same call to go within. You would not serve yourselves with a situation so seemingly large as a pandemic without a great desire to wake up. Your desire to wake up will get you Home.

Ego would say that problems are solved by outer action, but there is only one problem, and it can only be solved within. In every moment that something outer seems to intrude upon your peace, you are being called within to receive the solution to your problem. You are projecting a world from within, and you are being invited to see every aspect of this world as a perfect part of a healing drama. When you stop fighting with aspects of your world, when you find reasons to appreciate their invitation to healing, you also stop holding on so tightly to aspects of your world.

Miracles are about changes in perception. Resisting or judging the world you see means that you are holding onto it tightly. Miracles are changes in what you are perceiving. It seems something has changed in a significant way, but all you have done is to release your insistence on seeing the world in a particular way. You allowed what you are projecting with thought to change.

A seeming pandemic is a wonderful training ground for observing that you make the world you see with thought. It’s a wonderful opportunity to allow fear, anxiety, and judgment to surface. You may think that your fear is being caused by the seeming pandemic. (We have to say “seeming” to remind you that it is an illusion.) The seeming pandemic serves you by revealing the fear that you have allowed to run your world. It brings the fear into the light where it can be healed, and that is a service. Give thanks.

Give thanks, stop holding on to what you don’t need, and allow miracles.  Miracles are what you are here to allow. Miracles allowed will help convince you that all is not as it seems. Miracles are not here to fix something wrong in form. They are lined up and waiting for you to allow them in order to teach you that all is coming from thought, that there is true identity in Unity, and that you can allow all you seem to perceive in your world to come from that Unity.

The fact that everyone in your world seems to be experiencing the same problem is a powerful call to go within. In unity you can face your fears together. You are here now to do this. Think of the in-breath as taking you within to the Reality of what you all Are, past all illusions, past all roles being played, past all concepts. Think of the out-breath expressing that Unity in the world as miracles.

Remember, miracles are not here to fix form. There is nothing wrong with form because there is nothing right with form. This is very hard for the ego to understand. Any positive or negative judgment of form comes from ego. Miracles are lined up to show you how thought works and how the stream of abundance and joy is always there for you. As you learn to allow miracles as the expression of love in your world, your trust grows, and you become more willing to emerge from the prison of fear.

As you encounter fear thoughts, remember that within is your safe space, your Source, and the answer to all of your problems. The answer to all of your perceived problems is always beyond all of the logic of the ego. Go within, abide within, and clear the way for perception shifts. When you become willing to allow perception to shift without specifying how, what you experience in form will be miraculous–past all logic of ego.

That space within, beyond all concept, is your true identity and the true identity of all beings across all time and space. Peace is now. Harmony is now. It is immediately accessible, simply by going within. True identity can direct all speech and action. All that is needed is your willingness.

We thank you for your willingness to heal, to find the gratitude for what the healing drama gives you, and to allow the miracles that are ready to be expressed in your world. We are always here, and we will always help you.

Photo by Weronika on Unsplash


9 thoughts on “You have given yourself an opportunity

  1. Thank you for your wonderful post.
    There are sooo many changes in our lives. Going within is the answer we are all seeking. It leads to self empowerment 💖

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      1. Right?!! Leon is such a wonderful link to healing/amazingly sweet gifts in blogland and life!!! And what Y’all do is incredible as well. Blessing/Love Givers, Both!!! 🤗🌀❤️🙏🏼😊

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  2. This is so clear and beautiful — “The answer to all of your perceived problems is always beyond all of the logic of the ego. “Every time i am stuck and misaligned the answer seems to come to remember we are that pure light – space within, love. i breathe and smiles appear. i still wonder, why it is i forget? i am grateful to you for your beautiful messages and constant reminders. Grateful to You and your magical friends. Love, prayers, blessings 🙂

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