What can be hidden?

https://youtu.be/NO5X26TmjUI We invite you to look at the idea of hiding, of covering up. Look at where you believe this idea to be active in your own life, and look at where you believe it to be active in the lives of ones you know, on the world stage. Just look. You believe it is … Continue reading What can be hidden?

Reaching in means reaching out

https://youtu.be/rXzWWxeph4Y Ego offers a bubble to you. You made ego because you wanted to experience not-harmony. Not-harmony is an experience only possible within an illusion, so ego, illusion itself, is an illusion-maker. Ego offers a constant stream of suggestions to you to convince you of your separation from others. The bubble ego offers to you … Continue reading Reaching in means reaching out

Rest while the rest of us help you

https://youtu.be/rgolWENQUdo When you give up your attachments to thoughts that cause you stress, what truly Is can manage the illusion. At any moment, you can allow what truly Is to manage all of time and space. When you are identifying with and as a character who is just as much an illusion as time and … Continue reading Rest while the rest of us help you

The brilliant inner sun

https://youtu.be/brxv_F_xzfo Whenever you feel anything jarring, disturbing, tight or tense, look at the reason ego would give you for this state. It is always something in the world. It is always a lie that backs up the complexity of the illusion you are making with thought. There is a very simple Reality shining underneath the … Continue reading The brilliant inner sun