Open the way for Truth to come

Thought has all the power. Experience is the effect of thought. If anything in your experience disturbs you, go back to cause–your thought. Ego would tell you to look at cause as an outer condition, the wrong actions of a person, or a defect within yourself. Ego always lies. Simply go back to your own thought. This is the cause of all you experience.

True thoughts come to you with your permission. First, you realize that you feel disturbed. You realize you feel disturbed because you have been believing egoic thought–not because of conditions in the world, not because of a defect within yourself, not because of a defect in another. Any feeling of disturbance is always due to believing a lie from ego.

When you locate the lie, find your willingness to release it. Find your willingness to accept true thought as a replacement. You don’t even have to determine what the true thought will be. Simply open the way for it to come.  Your mind is a very holy place. Truth will appear when it is invited.

As your perception changes, what you see in the world changes. Your willingness to release false thought and to welcome true thought means that you are willing to allow your perception to change. Your willingness to allow your perception to change means that you are willing to experience reflections of Truth in your world. These reflections of Truth are miracles.

To be truly open to true thought, you must not have an attachment to anything in the world. The world you made is an illusion built of thought. As you allow it to transform into a shining reflection of Truth, the miraculous shines everywhere. You are here to allow this shining.

If you think anything in the world of form means anything at all, you are stuck to the illusion in some way, and that means you are unwilling to allow it to change. You see your self-interest as tied up with preserving the image of the world as it is in some way. When you trust and have faith beyond any particular attachment to the illusion, you are open. You are willing to allow the world you experience to change in any way, and this opens the way for the miracle.

When you focus on healing as your purpose, you will develop this detachment because you will see that whatever is appearing now is for your own healing. You will see healing and forgiveness as your joy–not anything particular in the world of phenomenality. You will develop a great openness and acceptance in allowing the world to appear however it does in this moment. You will develop a great flexibility in allowing it to change in whatever way it needs to in order to resolve into a reflection of shining Truth.

We shine steadily to guide you. Shine on.

Photo by Sirima Sriraksa on Unsplash

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