The truth about Truth

You have access to Truth at all times. Nothing can keep you from your access to Truth. The only thing that can obscure Truth to you is your own preference. It is essential that you understand the power you are as you awaken. Although you can fantasize about being hurt or manipulated, the only thing you can do is to hurt yourself by blocking Truth with intention.

Any time you feel any frustration, agitation, fear, worry, tension, or confusion, it is an alarm alerting you that you are blocking your own access to Truth. All negative emotions are alarms alerting you to your belief in untrue thoughts. All panic. All anxiety. All uncertainty. They all let you know that you are believing lies. They are not there to inspire you to make judgments about a world your thoughts have invented. Those states are there for you to remind you to look at your thinking.

If you believe you spot a liar out there in the world, we invite you to find a way to give thanks. Let’s say you are viewing a politician, believing that the politician is lying, and becoming angry. Your thoughts projected the politician as you see her. Your thoughts conjured up a world in which a liar seemed to be other than you and outside of you. When you are distracted believing that there is a real liar loose in your world, and that liar is a threat to others, your attention is completely taken off the fact that you are believing lies from ego.

If you’re going to be serious about anything, do not be serious about finding defects in what you see as the other. This is always ego’s distraction technique. Be serious about witnessing the lies you have been believing. Be serious about finding your willingness to release all false thought. This is the way to happiness.

Thank the liar for performing a drama in which she played the role of ego. Ego lies. You believe. The belief part is always up to you. If a character “out there” seems to be the liar, they are enacting the role of ego in your life so you can witness it in a colorful and eye-catching way. Give thanks. Find the lies you are believing. Find your willingness to release them. That so-called liar helped you to spring clean.

That genuine gratitude you find for each other is so helpful. It always helps to release all of you from the temptation to enact particular egoic roles. When gratitude is all there is, there is no temptation to act out ego’s instructions. Remember, as an actor in a healing drama, you either reflect the joy all are back to everyone, or you issue a call for healing. You only have two settings, and both of them are helpful to all. Only one is joyful for you, however. When you act on ego’s instructions, you are issuing a call for healing. As you find gratitude for everyone and everything in your experience, you increasingly play the role of joy reflector.

The Truth is that all are the light. If you can begin each day with a willingness to see all as the light, and if you continue throughout your day reminding yourself that more important than any physical objective or judgment or decision is the ability to see all as the Light they have always been, you are inviting the role of joy reflector into your experience. As you invite the role of joy reflector into your experience, you make it more accessible to all minds across time and space.

In this world, it seems as if some things are true and some things are not true. It is only a game you are playing with yourself, always you with yourself. If you find yourself getting worked up about an untruth that appears to be in your world, we invite you to gratitude for the role players enacting the truth that ego–your ego–always lies. If you find yourself getting frustrated that some truth is not being heard or revealed, remember that you are playing a game, and what you think is what you experience. This is a call to go inward to the truth of your heart, where you can see the shining light that all game players are. All actors in this healing drama are Truth itself. Invite yourself to see that today. Thank them for their roles. They are always helping you, always waking you up to what you are doing with thought.

Your thoughts are so important, and it gives us great joy to see this truth dawn upon you, to see this truth being communicated to all. We love to serve you, and we love to see you realize that mind-to-mind service is your joy.

Photo byΒ HumamΒ onΒ Unsplash


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