Relax into rest

You seem to have taken a detour in your mind. You have been on a long, strange trip that required you to believe many lies about yourself and those you call other. Because the detour has only been in your mind, you haven’t actually gone anywhere or done anything. When we help you, we bring you back into the awareness that nothing actually happened.

You have experienced a rigid devotion to the idea of physical cause and effect. You needed to worship this in order to experience a physicality more powerful than any self. In order to have this experience, you had to forget the Self, which can handle all aspects of physicality easily as long as they seem to appear. Your role is to give over your sense of individual control over physicality.

You’ll notice that the sense that you individually control aspects of physicality brings with it a tension. There is no tension in the Flow. We simply invite you to relax out of the lies you have been telling yourself in order to give yourself the opposing experiences of power over and being subject to a power not your own. In Flow there is only True Power, and True Power benefits all.

Every time you feel not-good, you are experiencing one of the ways you have imprisoned yourself with ideas. Ideas are the rigidity, and ideas can be taken away from you as you allow it. You have been holding onto ideas of misery, and we tell you now that it is safe to let them all go.

You always have two choices when you feel the effect of limiting your mind. You can stay within limits and try to control things. This may feel more comfortable. We invite you to see through the idea of comfortable. The idea of comfortable means only that you don’t want to take the invitation to surpass the limits that cause misery. See right through comfortable and release the source of all pain.

As you allow false ideas to leave, you relax into what is always here for you in each moment. As you relax into what is always here for you in each moment, you light that option up for everyone you meet or think about. More than that, when one Mind relaxes into the love that takes care of everything beyond all sense of individual control or identity, all minds across time and space receive an invitation to do the same. It is no small thing.

We are always here, extending vacation vouchers to you. It is safe to take them and to relax into a rest that benefits all.

Photo by Urip Dunker on Unsplash

3 thoughts on “Relax into rest

  1. I LOVE THAT! VACATION VOUCHERS . . . . and RELAXING . . . . Letting Go of Trying to CONTROL . . . .The Physical. Hmm! Was ‘it’ This Simple?????

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