Ego’s flimsy facade

Ego presents you with a facade. When you invest in the facade, you invest poorly. The facade ego presents distracts you away from the truth of what you are, what everyone else is and always has been. We invite you to notice this distraction quality today–when it seems you have been gripped and drawn in by an evaluation of an appearance. At any time that you feel tension, you are treating as real something that has never been real. You are empowering that which has always needed your power to survive.

Love is underneath the facade, the distraction. Ego will distract you with its substitute for love–a love which can be given and taken away. Ego will take a concept of a separate you and put it under an obligation to love. It will convince the separate you that you don’t love another. The whole time this seems to be happening, there you are–love itself. Ego is so very clever and effective because you lend your power to it. It cannot run without the power you give it. It has no power of its own.

Love can shine through the distraction. You–as you truly are–can shine through the distraction you put in place. You put the distraction in place in order to forget your True Identity. You wanted to forget your True Identity because you believe you have broken creation. Broken is a concept belonging to ego, however, so it is another bit of nothing. If you go back to that first moment of the perception of wrongdoing–the beginning of time–this is at the root of what all the other moments of tension that you experience in time are all about. They are all resistance to remembering that everything is and always has been okay.

Nothing ever could go wrong. That’s not possible, but it is possible for you to make an illusion and then to become mesmerized by it, held there by the conviction that wrongdoing is possible. Every moment of tension that you experience within this illusion is a call back to the innocence of Home–an innocence that has always been pristine and undisturbed. It is yours because it is everyone’s equally. When you can walk through the illusion knowing this, your character can be used to help all see that they are not bound, that they can only bind themselves.

When you are valuing or judging the distraction, the world ego made, your attention is away from love. Love doesn’t need you to evaluate anything. When your mind is not occupied with the defensive task of evaluation that preserves a separate identity, it is open to be told what to do and say next. When you allow the doing and saying to come from that which is past all self-protective efforts, you can feel a difference.

As you feel the difference of what comes past all efforts of a separate identity to protect and preserve itself, you trust that which is beyond ego. This is Self-trust. Your True Self is the Love that all others are, so when you allow True Self to determine everything, you abide in Unity without conflict. Abiding there, you are happy. This happiness is a beacon that assists all. When you light up in happiness, you shine the light that dissolves illusion.

Love is all there is, but you have placed a distraction in front of Love. You know that this is true if you feel any tension at any time. You think the tension comes from the conditions you seem to be in. It actually comes from an attachment to an illusion. The tension is a helpful indicator that there is something to be undone now. What is to be undone? It is always misperception.

We always stand ready to assist you in seeing truly. When you see truly, you quite naturally open up the door to allow Love to determine all behaviors of the character you experience as your self. As you keep that door open, you are happy. We want your happiness and the happiness of all. Our job is sweeping away the misperceptions you allow us to take. Is there any reason to hold onto a single misperception today? Let us work with you where misperception is active. It is our great joy to see you released from bindings that cannot bind unless you choose them.

Acknowledge our presence, acknowledge our power, and you acknowledge your own. Power is One and cannot be divided. Return to the full awareness of Home, and stand in your power with us.

Photo byΒ Natalia LuchankoΒ onΒ Unsplash

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