Relax into rejoicing

Perception is flexible. You often believe that you are looking upon what is Real, and you can feel trapped and limited by this looking. You react to what you perceive, and you can feel this as emotion. Emotion is the back and forth agitation covering up the deep peace that you are and all are. When you find emotion to be uncomfortable, you can always go to your Source to ask to be conducted into the deep peace that you and all Are. To see this deep peace and to know that it is everyone’s true nature is to relax into rejoicing.

Your role is not to decide what you think you are seeing, but to have it interpreted for you, by One who can decide everything in your favor and in the best interest of all. When you feel pain, you can feel the effect of having decided against your Self. Your Self is always available to you, and when you experience physical or emotional pain you can always relax back into your Self and allow the interpreting to be done for you. It is only when you step forward as a personality separate from others that the experience of physical or emotional pain is possible.

If you feel any disquiet, you are allowing the distortion of a personality to rise up and to do the interpreting. When you feel physical pain or discomfort, you are experiencing the physical manifestation of emotional pain. As you tune into your emotions and value them more, you do not need the more intense indicator of physical pain to get your attention. The most important thing to remember when you experience physical pain is that nothing has gone wrong and you are not being punished. You are actually experiencing an indicator that will lead you back to Truth, if you will allow it.

Think of a string leading back from physical or emotional pain to Truth, and find your willingness to be led there. Becoming aware that you are in a state of pain is a first step in finding your willingness to return Home, where the experience of pain is not available.

Interpreting belongs in the hands of the One of us. When you feel physical or emotional pain or discomfort, it is an indicator that you have placed interpretation in the hands of a personality that doesn’t actually exist. Take this indicator as the helpful piece of information it is. If you were going the wrong way on the pathway, wouldn’t you want someone to let you know it it time to turn around?

Home is where all the answers are. Simply turn around toward Home and find your willingness to have every aspect of your experience interpreted for you, on the behalf of all. There is nothing to fight, and Everything to relax into.

If you can sit quietly and ask to see whenever you are upset in the slightest way, you will be shown. What you will be shown is no small thing. It is the way beyond all physical and emotional pain and suffering. When you are walking steadily Home, you begin to understand that all of your divine siblings are walking with you. Your willingness to have your pain and suffering lifted from your experience brings the same to all. As we always say, it is no small thing.

We are your destination, so we shine forth as your goal, but we are also the ones who walk beside you, and our inner glow lights the way. We are every one you meet on your way Home. Eventually you notice that our glow is your own, and that you have always been at Home, merely dreaming of an elsewhere. We bless you and keep you as you sleep, and we are here for you as you awaken.

Photo by Jeremy Zero on Unsplash



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