Lean on the Constant

What is present everywhere is always waiting to speak to you. It’s just that when you have placed your focus upon the minuscule, the immense fades into the background. We invite you to make the immense your central focus, the lens through which you view the minuscule. When you make the immense your central focus, then you allow the minuscule to speak to you with the voice of the immense.

What is present everywhere can only speak to you when you allow it. Ego gives you many reasons not to allow the immense to speak to you everywhere, through everyone, in every situation. Is that even possible? Yes, most certainly. It is your true power and the power of all. That’s why it is very interesting to see where and how you are blocking out the voice of the immense. Remove the blocks, and you remove what seems to be keeping you away from the answer to any problem you seem to have.

When you are busy judging the surface of something, you are not making yourself available to the presence that makes everything effortless. Effortlessness is available to you and all in every moment, regardless of how anything looks. Are you noticing how it is always about what you are making yourself available to? It is never about anything else, no matter how it looks.

You are beginning to recognize that any tension or disquiet you feel is only due to your perception. You are accustomed to thinking that what you perceive with your senses needs to be interpreted, is proof of something. Indeed, this is what your science is based upon. Now you are starting to see that everything you end up perceiving has its beginning in thought. You perceive it because you have already thought it. The perception is the proof of the thinking.

As you build faith and trust in the presence that is everywhere, you will lean on it. You are coming to see that you and all Are it–no exceptions. You are coming to see that you can allow Presence to speak to you in every situation, through everything, through everyone.

Lean on the Constant that is always there for you, and you will see that the Constant will never fail you. It is our delight to remind you unceasingly of that which is reliable in all situations.

Photo by Jonatan Pie on Unsplash

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