Someday is Now

So this is a little different. I was receiving a message for the lovely Sue when this song came to me and was hanging around for a couple of days. Just before I sent Sue’s message, I got a tap on the shoulder to send it to her. I thought it was over, and then I realized that the next message would be centered around it.

Give a listen to “Someday” from Zombies.

This song touches on many aspects of the journey you’re all experiencing–a fundamental change in perception from defense of separation to extension of love. The two characters start out in a shelter that shows their world is anticipating a disaster. The “normal” people expect to be attacked by zombies, so they build defenses. The girl, Addison, and the zombie boy, Zed, see through all that and see no harm in each other.
Two lonely hearts meet in the dark
Imagine it, now they start a spark

Their names point to everyone–from Addison to Zed, from A to Z.

In your journey, you are realizing that no one is truly harmful, but everyone brings to you an opportunity for healing. You are also seeing that your healing encompasses everyone, because there is only One of us. The song points toward a future when strife is over:
Someday, this could be, this could be ordinary
The potentially attacked and the potential attacker see the divine light in each other.

Seeing the light in each other obliterates any stories we are carrying around in defense of our separate identities:
You and me side by side
Out in the broad daylight
Zed and Addison decide to go out in the open and to allow that divine light to shine.

The idea of going out into the open, all of you seeing the Oneness in each other, allowing that to shine beyond all stories and opinions, it can seem like a remote fantasy:
I know it might be crazy
But did you hear the story?
I think I heard it vaguely
A girl and a zombie
Oh, tell me more, boy (yeah)
Sounds like a fantasy

The irony is that all of the stories and opinions you have about one another–the stories and opinions that seem to give you good cause to judge and to erect defenses–those are the fantasies! The Reality is the Light you all share. Stepping out into the light and seeing the light everywhere–that is inevitable and cannot be stopped.

Someday is Now. The time it takes to see Reality for what it truly is–that’s up to you.
This could be, this could be ordinary
Could we be something extraordinary?
You and me side by side
Out in the broad daylight

There is never any reason to delay inviting what is Real to make itself apparent to you.

Love doesn’t come from form. Love springs from beyond form. Love doesn’t allow any perception of form to limit it. Love is alive now in every being, in every situation, and it only requires your permission to become your experience.
Right from the start you caught my eye
And something inside me came to life

It is the Reality of Oneness that is the spark, that catches your attention and your heart. Allow it to catch and keep you.

It’s inevitable seeing the Oneness in all will become ordinary. Are you willing to allow someday to become now? You can allow the voice of Light to speak to you from everyone, from everything, from every song, from everything you encounter. Are you willing to hear it? It only requires your willingness.

We love showing you the sparks of light present everywhere, and we invite you to see them today.

Photo by LuAnn Hunt on Unsplash

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