Waves cannot topple you

As you allow light to penetrate the layers of false concept sent to you by ego, it will become obvious to you what it means to believe an egoic thought. What ego truly offers you–unrest–will be uncovered and made obvious. As it is made obvious to you what it means to attach to an egoic thought–to say yes to a lack of peace, you will experience extremes of emotion. Remember that feeling is your easy and obvious guide.

What you are cannot be toppled by emotions–the back-and-forth experiences you give yourself with egoic thought. If what you are cannot be toppled or affected in any way by the experience of physical death that is the whole point of pretending to be a body, then what you are can never be toppled by a back-and-forth illusion. The intensity of the feelings that attachment to illusion brings, however, that is enough to convince you that you are no longer willing to walk in the direction the ego dictates.

Ego is a thought generator that you invented, and its purpose is to make a world that blocks the light. If you are seeing and experiencing this world, then you wanted to block light, but you are not bad or wrong for wanting to do so. The only thing you are capable of doing is pretending that the light isn’t here. You are not capable of harming or damaging the light in any way. You have never had the power to create harm. You could only make and fix your eyes upon a fantasy of harm–this world. What you made, you made to block the light. When you understand that it is safe to stop the attempt to block light, you will also understand that you don’t need what you made anymore. You never needed it.

If a wave of depression and lethargy should come, if a wave of any negativity at all should come, this is your chance to understand that you do not want the vacillation anymore. The back-and-forth between opposites that ego offers is very distracting. It’s obvious when the one side of the back and forth, the negative, seems to be present, that you do not want it. But the negative comes paired with the positive, and you still believe that you want what the positive offers you.

Ego’s positive offers you temporary satisfaction, but never fulfillment, and never peace. Simply observe. You think you want a specific form. You think you get it, and you think it makes you happy. So you go after another form, but there is always an uneasiness present that never goes away. This uneasiness keeps you seeking form after form, and no form can ever make you happy. How can it, when you are Joy itself, but this whole world is designed to block your remembrance of your Self?

When you are not on the temporary satisfaction end of the teeter totter, you are on the negative side, and this is where the waves seem to crash at your shore. Only you are much bigger and more vast than that. You are not this little figure. You are only pretending that you are. If you are willing to stop pretending, then you are on the pathway of light that leads you out of all illusion into joy without opposite.

Imagine a game of rock-paper-scissors, only in this game the choices are ego-positive, ego-negative, and Stillness. Just choose Stillness every time. Ego-positive and ego-negative are the same choice, for each one guarantees the other. Nothing outlasts Stillness, which is Joy without opposite. Make your choice simple. Choose that which has no opposite, and remember that this choice is open to you in every moment.

You can choose Stillness in a traffic jam. You can choose Stillness when there seem to be many voices speaking around you. You can choose Stillness when it looks as though you have many responsibilities in form. Stillness has everything you need. It will supply all the thoughts, all the speech, and all the action that seem to flow through your character, and it will do it in peace and joy.

So now, when a wave seems to come crashing at your shore, remember that you are learning to value Stillness. You are coming to see that ego can offer you nothing that you want or need. Ego’s function–set up by you–is to send you thoughts that keep you believing in separation, in the back-and-forth of opposites as the only reality.

When ego sends an extreme thought, remember that ego is only functioning as you designed it, and you invented ego because you thought you wanted a fantasy of being separate. As you become certain that you don’t want the fantasy anymore, there is always abundant help for you–help that supplies the thoughts that guide you on your way.

It is our joy to stand on the path and shine for you. Whenever you choose Stillness, here we are, always ready to assist.

Photo by Jeremy Bishop on Unsplash

20 thoughts on “Waves cannot topple you

  1. What a lovely way the New Year! This is wonderful, Julie! Thank You and Your Friends!!! Sending HUGE hugs and so much Love!!! Saw this over at dear Leon’s! Happy New Year, Beautiful!!! πŸ€—πŸ’–πŸ™πŸΌ!

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      1. I do not want you to stop laughing, our Darling Girl, but I do want you to know, you cannot imagine how much you’ve helped me feel so much less uncomfortable with my own dense little self here. As has our beloved Channeler, and all our non-physical teams, who sound a lot like these singers: you’ll both love the music [HERE]. It’s for the girls, too. Julie, but not while you are recording please; their thudding is for me music just as precious.

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