Specific answers

When you find you have wandered off the path of joy, it is appropriate to ask for help, abundant help. We offer you this:
Show me how to allow the unhappy illusion to leave.

Place yourself in a state of openness to the abundant assistance that is always here for all. You never have to do anything alone, through struggle, because it is not possible to be alone. Remember that we are all one, and our entire function is to shine in the joy that assists you.

You can and should ask for specific answers to the specific problems that you perceive. The answers to the separate things you have chosen to perceive always lead you toward the awareness that there was never a specific problem in the first place–only a mistaken choice for perception. Intellectually, you can state that there are no separate problems, and this perspective serves you. But as you continue to experience problems as separate, you will be given solutions in form that also look separate. Your only job is to be open–to receive and follow. Trust builds as you allow problems to be solved not by a separate you, but for you.

At all times and without exception, you are either extending Love or projecting unhappiness. You are either shining effortlessly as a ray of the Sun, or you are dreaming of curling in upon yourself to stop the light. Stopping the light is only a dream. It cannot be done in truth.

If you are using time to project unhappiness, you are not wrong. But feeling unhappy when Love is the only thing that is real–you must admit that you are confused. All of the solutions that are delivered to you for seen-as-separate problem bring lasting happiness and faith that as long as you have the experience of a body, all details are taken care of for you, not by you.

When you are caught up in a dream that you are chasing pleasures and avoiding pain, you are attempting to handle the dream yourself. You are imagining that the dream can give you, who have never truly lacked anything, something that you are missing. You are imagining that the dream can bring harm to one that can never be harmed.

When you notice that you are caught up in a fantasy of chasing and avoiding, go to your willingness. A willingness to remember everyone as they Are, unified, will serve you well. When you remember unity, everything that you seemed to chase or avoid moves into the background. The assistance that meets all needs you seem to have moves into the foreground. Allowing all of the significance to drain out of what has no separate meaning, you allow Peace to move you.

We are moved only by that which you Are, and it is our delight to return this awareness to you.

Photo by Greg Jeanneau on Unsplash

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