Sanity beneath the soap opera

The first words I heard from my nonphysical friends were, “You are an actress in our favorite soap opera, and we are following your story with great interest.” Wow, did they know me well. If they came to me with a message of love, I wouldn’t have listened. But they came to me with something weird and crazy, and I just knew I had to see where it went.

Congratulations! You have become willing to recognize that the soap opera is not real. It now seems a very real thing that what you are witnessing with your senses is not real. Having realized this, you have now seen the very flexible nature of what seems to be so heavy and immovable. Ego will immediately send images and ideas of a world gone mad without such limits and weights, but now you know to look beyond what ego sends. Now you can hear that the world has always been mad, but there has always been a very present remedy for perception of the world.

We all share one mind, and any one of us can open up the mind for healing. Think of the beautiful equality of this. Anyone can allow light to shine. If you have followed a trail of ego thoughts and find yourself in the middle of judging some separate one as separately fortunate or separately unfortunate, try returning here. This one can allow light to shine. Forget judging a past you perceive for that one. Forget the attempt to anticipate what they will do in the future. This one can allow the light to shine. This one is the light. Remember that which is very simple in order to release the painful complexity, the tangle of nonsense.

The solution to any problem perceived must come from outside the system of logic that invented the problem. Remember this as you seem to see problems during your day. The solution to anything at all must come from what is prior to all perception. The ego can offer temporary solutions–just a tipping back and forth from judged-as-positive to judged-as-negative. You are perfectly safe in taking your attention off this teeter totter. Place your attention upon Source–that which truly exists, and that which will always exist. From your Source comes the lasting answer to any problem you seem to experience in form.

The soap opera flickers and flashes on the surface like a storm. You can take your attention off the flickering and the flashing. You are perfectly safe in directing your attention to that which doesn’t move, toward safety itself. From the truly stable, you receive gifts of perception shift. Remember that the flickering and the flashing is only something perceived. Throw the doors of perception open. Allow what is Real to decide what you will perceive and how you will perceive it.

We invite you to remove the ideas of always and never from your definitions of seen-as-separate characters. That one always does this. This one never does that. These are just thoughts that ego sends about seen-as-separate characters. You build a past for each one in the mind. And then based upon that perceived past, you predict a future. You can step entirely out of this pattern. Spirit will send thoughts about the ones who seem to be other, and in the light of those thoughts they will shine. Find your willingness to hear the thoughts Spirit would send about your divine siblings. You hear thoughts from Spirit by setting down your toys–all of the analytical thoughts that ego sends about the ones you see as other.

We shine as the sanity beneath the soap opera, and so do you. We invite you to see that shining in all today. Something comes from underneath the drama and shines right through it. That something connects all of you and is you. We celebrate that which joins us, that which is what we are, eternally. And you are always invited to the party.

Photo by leonie on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Sanity beneath the soap opera

  1. Shining the Light Through! Thank You, Julie and Team. As always, a Clarification takes place! Blessings. πŸ‘ΌπŸ§™β€β™‚οΈπŸŒˆπŸ’«πŸ’ž

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