The discomfort of an invention There is only one way you truly want to go. You want to go Home. You want to go to Peace. The only reason you think you want anything in this world is that you think you will find peace in the having of it. If you want peace, that means that you must … Continue reading The discomfort of an invention

Blocking the sun Ego is going to keep functioning as you programmed it to function, but as you see that the thoughts it sends you have zero meaning, it cannot steer you. You have to believe ego's thoughts in order to allow it to steer you, to take you on a trip through fantasy. Be not at … Continue reading Blocking the sun

You need not judge any aspect of an unreal world We wish to speak with you today about vulnerability. You can look at vulnerability two ways for the purposes of this conversation. Ego will tell you that you are vulnerable when you begin to question ego, so there is the perception of vulnerability as a danger that ego tries to sell you. Then there … Continue reading You need not judge any aspect of an unreal world

Certainty in the Light Perfection just is. You cannot find it in a world. We invite you to notice when you are attempting to find perfection in a world. We open the door to looking upon stress of any kind. Is it not always because you have found the world or one of its characters to have fallen … Continue reading Certainty in the Light

All things work together for good All things work together for good. This is a lesson in your A Course in Miracles. If you can remind yourself to see and experience life this way, then you need not be in distress about any separate thing. You need not fear any seen-as-separate thing. Put your faith and trust in this: All … Continue reading All things work together for good

Waves cannot topple you As you allow light to penetrate the layers of false concept sent to you by ego, it will become obvious to you what it means to believe an egoic thought. What ego truly offers you--unrest--will be uncovered and made obvious. As it is made obvious to you what it means to attach to an … Continue reading Waves cannot topple you

Specific answers When you find you have wandered off the path of joy, it is appropriate to ask for help, abundant help. We offer you this:Show me how to allow the unhappy illusion to leave. Place yourself in a state of openness to the abundant assistance that is always here for all. You never have to … Continue reading Specific answers

A total commitment We invite you to find your willingness to face the deeply uncomfortable without looking further than your own thoughts for the cause. People sometimes say that you should "get real." This is getting very real. If you are having any problems with your experience, it is your thoughts that cause the perception and the … Continue reading A total commitment