Spirit uses everything to the advantage of all

We invite you to watch the impulse to fix. When it occurs to you that something in form needs to be fixed, know that in this moment you have an opportunity. What can shine through the belief that something needs to be fixed? What can shine through the belief that something is wrong, and that fixing the wrong thing will put everything right? Ego has you attempting to fix many separate things throughout the day, when there is only one thing that needs to be altered–your perception.

We are not telling you to never wield a screwdriver, to never clean a floor. As you believe you are doing these things, however, you can experience the result of your thinking with the willingness to have your perception corrected in whatever way is appropriate.

When you are experiencing the impulse to fix, you are experiencing ego’s invitation. The whole idea that something in form is wrong and must be put right is a huge distraction. When you recognize this, you can take a moment to rest in your willingness to have your perception corrected, to rest in calm, to remember that all things work together for good, to remember that guidance is always here for you. Simply allow the perceived fixing to be put in the proper perspective. Egoic thought, which is always insisting that there are many problems, can never offer the proper perspective. Spirit always can.

When you experience ego’s invitation to fix something in form, you have already believed three lies from ego:
1. Form is actual.
2. Form has separate components, and that separation between components is real.
3. You have to fix what is wrong with a separate component.

Notice the nervousness, the anxiety in thinking that something needs to be fixed. Notice the idea that if it is fixed, that is also the fix for the feeling of disquiet you are experiencing. Drug addicts sometimes call their next dose their fix. Just notice what your attention is upon. Is it upon separate components and the idea that they can bother or satisfy you, or is it upon the Wholeness that is always here for you? Place your attention upon that which is never broken–the guidance that is always here for you, and you will be led through the experience of action in peace.

When you seem to see a flaw in the one you temporarily believe is separate, the one you call yourself, you can say this to us:
You’re going to have to use this to your advantage.

And we can. It’s the same for all the flaws you think you see in others. The flaws you perceive in ones you see as separate are not there to be fixed by your or any separate other. The only fix is for your perception. Whatever you seem to be perceiving, Spirit can use that to the advantage of all as you allow perception shift. Simply know this and be thankful. You don’t have to fix anything you made with thought. You simply allow all of it to be used in your release from flawed perception.

In any moment in which you think something in form is wrong, remember this:
There is a service that can be performed for me right now. I can take everything I made with thought and put it in the hands of Spirit. Spirit can use everything I give to guide me out of misperception.

Allow us to set up a scene of perceived flaws for you. You are sitting in a diner with Spirit. In the next booth is a meeting between two members of a hate group. You belong to the category of persons designated as hated, so you seem to be looking upon those who hate you. An older member of the group is meeting with a new recruit. Now Spirit directs you to look upon this new recruit.

They joined the group because they were sad and lonely. They found some kindness there, something that looked like acceptance. Right now, there is someone willing to spend time with them, in this diner. They feel a sense of value, of being heard. The comradeship they found there in the group can outlast the hatred that drains from their hearts when you look upon them with love.

How do you look upon them with love? First of all, you can remember that you are experiencing a story that you made up. Second, you can remember that all beings shining behind all the various characters are equally beautiful and equally innocent. Third, you can remember that the drama seeming to take place before you in the next booth is instructional and helpful.

Wherever what seems to be happening over there disturbs you, it highlights a misperception in your own mind. There is no better time than the present to allow misperception to be cleared away, and here is Spirit, sitting right next to you in the booth. What better time than now? Remember that you are only pretending to have minds separate from one another. When you allow a deep relaxation to come over the mind, when you allow Love to flow through it, that benefit is shared with all minds across time and space.

So there is your gratitude for those two members of the hate group over there. They alerted you that a fix is necessary, because you knew you felt uneasy. You were able to accept the only true fix there is–perception correction. You know you have accepted perception correction when you become able to see how and why you owe all beings nothing but gratitude.

You don’t have to fight or work hard dismantle any groups. You just need to look upon all things with love, to allow Spirit in to shift you out of hatred. That’s right. It looked like the hatred was over there, but that is only a mind trick. It’s called projection. You see it over there in order to deny it in here–in your mind. Discovering a reliance upon hatred does not make you a bad anything. It is not possible for you or anyone you perceive to be “else” to truly be a bad anything. You can only play one on TV, in this drama you are experiencing. Spirit leads you right out of the roles of victim and aggressor, to where you are truly safe.

Hatred is the imagined force that allows you to see a chair as separate from the floor. This is hatred. Just look. It’s the little illusion of an engine that seems to force separate things apart from each other. It’s not just the extreme form that seems so horrific in a hate group. To have the horrific exposed while two members of a hate group are having a conversation–this is helpful. You want to have fear, rage and hatred exposed, out in the light where they can be washed away.

If you think the hatred is someone else’s, remember the mind trick. You’re projecting it over there in order to deny it in here. We have good news for you: Hatred can never be real. It’s only part of this illusion you made. So do not be afraid to look upon that which can never be real.

Isn’t that interesting? Looking over at those two members of a hate group, what can never be real seems to be appearing in front of you. There seem to be two beings, and they seem to be hateful. They appear to you in a guise. They look a certain way. They look hateful, but hate is nothing. So look deeper. What are they, really? What are they underneath the roles they are currently enacting? Remember that if they are enacting ego roles, they are under a hypnotism, and there really aren’t better or worse egoic roles. There are just different roles in the play.

Look under the roles, under the words, under the actions. There is the light. That is what you are grateful for. Keep looking. The light extends past the sight of bodies, past the thought of separate ideologies. You can see that the two are joined. Look. You can see that the light extends from you to them, from them to you. You are joined. There is only one of you. Could you say that a single thing is true of one of them that is not true about you? No. There is only the light, beautiful, innocent, and untouched forever by whatever roles you seem to play. Learning to see this light is what every moment and every experience and every encounter with every seeming person is about. This light can guide you in every moment.

We just switched soap operas on you, but only because you allowed it. You are no longer watching (and acting in) As the World Turns. You are now watching and seeming to enact Guiding Light. You’re welcome. Can you see how Spirit has a use for everything you made with thought?

Thank you for allowing us to show you the light behind the drama. It is our great joy to show you how all of you are exactly alike, equally loved, and equally supported.

Photo by Mostafa Ashraf Mostafa on Unsplash

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