Finally free

You set up a tremendous resistance. Whenever you feel resistance or tension of any kind, it is always an invitation. The tremendous resistance that you set up can be washed away. If you feel resistance, that means you believe that you will be washed away along with the resistance. Ask for help in seeing this is not so. Help is always available to all.

Think of a child building a sand castle and then allowing it to be washed away. What you built up you can allow to be removed. You are still standing there, on the shore, after it is washed away. You are not what you have made. You made up a false identity for yourself, but that is not who you are.

You need hold nothing in memory. Ego sends many thoughts about remembering, holding on, and controlling. Ego sends many thoughts about the significance of a remembered past. You are learning to see all of these thoughts as equally meaningless. If information is what you need to perform your function, information will be there for you to use. You won’t be denied anything you need to perform your function. Because everything is provided without your effort, you have no need to struggle and no need to acquire or hold onto anything.

At this point my friends recommended another song 💚

And now after the reminder of who you all are, let us speak of something cheery–your fear of the destruction of the world. You can relax. When you take these words in, ego will send many reasons not to relax, many reasons to tense up and fight and struggle. Simply notice that all of these reasons are about a future, and recognize something very, very simple about the insistence and pushiness of these thoughts. They have nothing to do with Now. They have nothing to do with the Is that is prior to this world.

If you are going to choose the Now and the Is, then you cannot allow thoughts of future to distract you. It gets easier and easier to stay still and calm as ego offers you these thoughts. You don’t have to attach. You don’t have to continue to identify as separate. Just like it’s okay to break a chain letter, you can break that continuity that ego is offering, and you can break it without penalty.

Your job is not to judge a world. Your job is not to control a world. When you look out into the world and seem to see hatred, what do you do? Perhaps you are ready to see its source. The source of the hatred and disorder you seem to see “out there” is the can of spray paint that ego has placed in your hand. Mind sprays this disorder and strife outward in images, and then you think it is something other than you, something that you can and should judge, something about which you should make pronouncements.

But there’s that can spray paint in your hand. As you accept thoughts of strife from ego, a world of fill-in-the-blank seems to appear outside of you. The fill-in-the-blank is the quality of thought you are accepting from ego. It looks as thought this world is outside of you, but that is a trick of mind. Mind convinces you that you are a body, and the world seems to surround this body. Actually, world and body are both illusions in mind. However the world appears indicates only the thoughts that you have accepted.

This is not your fault because this illusion is not real. The separate characters are not real. It truly is only confusion. Only confusion. And that is why we are here–to assist you into letting go of confusion. As you let go, you keep spray painting. You are used to spraying a world outward, and we don’t take away what makes you feel safe. We only take away what you’re willing to give us. So you give us those thoughts of strife. And you eventually spray images that reflect peace and joy. Those images aren’t peace and joy, but they are inspired by the joy you all are. After that, you lose the need to spray paint, so you stop, and it’s no big deal.

We’re not going to make you stop spraying your thoughts outward from the illusion of the body. We’re going to guide you into stopping the spraying of images that frighten and upset you. Before that, you’re going to learn how to look at any image at all in peace, without reactivity, and with great love and understanding. Trust and willingness–this is all you need.

It is our great joy to serve as your painting teachers.

Photo by Serge van Neck on Unsplash

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