Inner light

We wish to question the idea that there are some things you can do nothing about, that there are some things that are not in your power. All power is of the Oneness, and you Are that Oneness. Therefore all power is of what you and all are together, and it is accessible to all. This power will show you the truth of anything, and it is always a very joyous truth. You only need to ask. When you feel helpless, ask to see things as they actually are, not as they appear to you. This ability to ask for right-minded perception in any situation–this is your superpower, and it is one that belongs equally to all.

Everything is a reflection of your state of mind, so there is always something you can do if your state of mind is not one of joy. You do not have to worry about what to do about any form. You only have to be responsible for your state of mind, and the rest will follow. If you ask to see everything as it actually is right now–not as how it appears–then you are willing to enter a joyous state of mind.

Asking for the form to be a particular way–this is very limiting, and based upon the idea that the source of happiness is particular forms. It is a perception that makes you subject to the configuration of form that you observe. You are prior to all form. Form is only effect. The joy you and all Are–this can shine through any form. It needs only your invitation, your willingness to see that you and all have always been connected to the only power there is.

Unless you are joyous, you do not see anyone as they truly are right now. Your first priority is to find the willingness to see all as they Are before taking action. Why would you take action? You are accustomed to thinking you take action to bring certain forms about or to prevent other forms from appearing. It is time to set this perception down now. The forms only reflect your state of mind back to you. Form only shows you the beliefs to which you are attached. When you detach from limiting belief, joy can shine through any form, unblocked.

When you observe thoughts that rank persons, know that you are hearing the guide to the experience of strife. You are accustomed to hearing this guide and following its instructions. You can always notice, however, that hearing this guide never feels good. Following its instructions never feels good. This guide keeps you focused upon the form. It tells you that when the form is changed, then you will be happy. It never tells you that you are happiness itself right Now.

You can become accustomed to hearing and following the quiet guide who is always waiting for you. You just have to allow the loud and strident voice of judgment to fade into meaninglessness.

When it is time to make a decision, there is a guide who is very willing to tell you about all the things that will go wrong if you don’t follow it. There is another guide who merely offers, quietly. Place your confidence in the guide who never threatens. Allow the inner light to make all of the decisions and to tell you about them.

We celebrate you as one with us in this quiet inner light. We shine with you, always.

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