Carried past

Any certainty that feels stressful is false. It does not matter if you have all the worldly evidence lined up. Any certainty that feels stressful is showing your attachment to an illusion, trying to make the illusion real and trying to find your reality within it. This will never work, and this is very good news. You can let go of all of it now.

There is no need to struggle and fight doing battle against elements of a world that you believe to be real. There is every need to direct all of what you call effort toward releasing your attachment to this illusion, releasing your belief that this illusion can ever offer any kind of real safety.

These messages of themselves are nothing. Within an illusion, they show up as symbols of your willingness to let the illusion go. They have no power that belongs particularly to the message. All power is everywhere and is available to all now. We invite you to release your idea of power located in some places and not in others, any idea that some have power while others lack power. This power you speak of in comparative terms can only be an illusion of power.

All power is everywhere and is available to all now. Place your attention here, and you will always meet your equals. Place your attention here, and you will never meet a victim, only a shining child of the light glowing through whatever circumstances seem to stand between you.

All power is everywhere and is available to all now. Place your attention here, and you will never meet one who dominates, only a shining child of love beaming through whatever conditions seem to separate you.

If you are to allow the light to shine through you always, what must you do?

Where is the switch to this heartlight? It is within every one you call other, without exception. All that is needed is your willingness. Be willing to meet them exactly as they are, in the purity of the light and the love they have always been underneath the costumes and stories and events and strife and memories. If you stay in this willingness, you meet yourSelf–a Self who has never separated from that which makes it whole. This is how the switch gets flipped–through your willingness to see through all illusion to Reality.

Effort has one purpose, one direction–being applied in service to your willingness to awaken, in service to the Spirit that infuses us all. Even to struggle to try to remember something–it’s too much effort. The Now supplies, and supplies easily, every thought, word, or physical aspect that is needed in order for you to serve others by remembering who they Are.

When you want the peace of God, you expand into the willingness to be carried past ego’s analysis of any character. Your dependence is shifting. It is shifting from anything you believe you do of yourself, alone, to what does all things through you and for you in service to all. If you stay within the perception that you do anything of yourself alone, you stay in the perception that fosters guilt and blame. It is time to leave now. Depend upon what is Real, and you will leave the perception of what was never real.

The peace of God carries you to meet the world without any questions, hostility, doubt, blame, insecurity, and fear. Are you willing to give all of this up? Can you see that it never kept you safe, and it never helped anyone else? This is how you leave the perception of what was never real.

Think of being carried. Think of how that feels. Now you allow yourself to be carried past all illusion. You don’t insist upon being put down so you can walk by yourself. We carry you in the light in which we are carried, and we give thanks for all who have always been safe in the light with us. It is our delight to show you now.

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