A Course in Forgetting: The fearless

Another section of the book came. The book is a shared document, so you are welcome to add, edit, and delete.

One morning recently, I saw a slim volume with small sections of text on one side of the page, and images on the other. If you feel moved to post images in the document or to invite anyone to do so, please go ahead. 

I asked about how I would know when the book was done. I was told that I will hear, “You’re done.” That’s simple! I asked how many sections, and I was told 74.

In the past, I would have doubted these specific answers. I would have told myself that I just made them up, but just recently I had an experience that helped me to trust. When I was at a friend’s house, I sensed a presence there to speak with her, and I talked with her about who owned the land her house is built on. I heard the name “Orin,” promptly called myself crazy, and decided not to share it. The next thing someone said was that his name was Orin. 

Thanks, Orin! You help me understand how to hear. Thanks, everyone! You all help me in so many ways, no exceptions ever.

I’m hearing right now that with willingness and sincerity, this book never gets completed. So it’s not like a project that has to be completed. If we allow the Dawning first, we forget completely about the book because it isn’t needed anymore. If the book doesn’t get completed, it just means that we allowed the Dawning. We allowed ourselves to see love everywhere, no exceptions.


The fearless is what you see when you look upon a forgiven world. 

The fearless is what you see when you look upon a forgiven world. 

If you look out upon a world, and you see fear and pain, it is not your fault. It is not your fault and has never been your fault. Because it has never been your fault, it could never be the fault of anyone you call “else.”

Be still as you look and see this. No fault. It’s only a surface. The surface does change as we look together, but the surface doesn’t change first. We begin by sitting in awareness together–sitting in awareness, remembering what is Real and everywhere under the surface. The remembrance of this Reality grows, and then the surface morphs to align with that which you know to be true. 

You forget everything you thought the surface told you before. 

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