Asking to see truly

We wish to speak of the experience of physical pain. Physical pain is an indicator. It gets your attention, and there are two roads available to you once your attention is on pain. Although pain is unreal, it is a very convincing illusion, sustained by the power you Are. As the maker of the illusion, you draw upon your power source to make the illusion seem real to you. There is something prior to the illusion–the source of power itself. You can look inward, taking your attention from the idea of pain, and allowing it to move to the power you Are–that which is prior to all pain.

Physical pain is an indicator that you are in need of a blessing. The physical pain seems to be outer; the blessing is inward. From this place of blessing, you bless all. From this place of blessing, you hold resistance to no one, because there is no separate one to resist. In this place of blessing, you can sink into your safety, and you don’t have to draw any conclusions. When you stop drawing conclusions, inspiration can come.

Blessing comes when you ask to see truly. If you are in need of a blessing, ask to see truly. When you feel pain, you are making the illusion real. You are using thought to pretend that the illusion is more powerful that you are, more powerful than your creator is. The illusion is powerful because you use your power to make it, but it can never be real. Focus upon that which is Real–your Creator and you who stream from the Creator as an extension of eternal love–and there is no pain.

Physical pain is not real. As the result of illusion-making, it seems to be very real, and you do not have to deny that. It’s real for you when you believe in it. As you learn to focus on that which is prior to physical pain, the experience of physical pain cannot dominate. The power of your creator will transform your perception when and as you allow it.

You can make a list of ways that you believe physical pain is protective and safe, and then you can see how you make a separate concept of it, how you believe it has a useful function in relation to other separate things, how you think it is real. You believe physical pain protects you from harm. You believe it provides a warning system that keeps the body safe. You believe it tells you when something is wrong so you can go about the business of fixing it.

If you believe physical pain protects you from harm, then you believe that you are a body. When you trust your creator to take care of your perception of every seeming situation for you, then you no longer need the perception of pain. Lean upon that which has no relation to pain, and there is no need for pain.

We are here as your perceptions are dismantled, and we hold you in a safety that never requires pain.

Photo by Qingbao Meng on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Asking to see truly

  1. This is so beautiful! And timely! Exactly what I need today! I will practice this! I already feel better! There is no pain, there is only grace and blessing! Beautiful! Blessings to you, with love! 🌼🌸🌟

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