Unwavering joy

Egoic thoughts can be heard as meaningless. Ego itself is meaningless, so all the thoughts it sends seem to have meaning but actually have none. Seeing through this is key and brings much peace because it leaves you open to meaning from Spirit’s thoughts.

As you look out upon a world, you seem to see bodies. Whatever any body is up to, it is up to that as an effect of past thought–past thought that you have believed. When you go within, deep within, you relax into that which is prior to all past thought. You can live from this place, your heart. You can live and speak and act from that which is prior to all past thought. When you feel disquiet of any kind, you are attaching to a past interpretation.

You can let go, and you can go in to what is prior to all past thought. The only solution you ever need, no matter what the problem seems to be, is prior to all past thought. Rest in what looks like nothing, according to ego. Everything is here for you prior to all past thought, inward.

The bodies you see with physical eyes seem to be in motion, and your perception of that is dictated by past thought. Allow all thought to align with what your inward journey offers you, and you see how softly and peacefully you can view what physical eyes show. Whatever you seem to view, you can know its innocent and loving reality as the real story behind it. You can look at a surface while remembering what shines just behind it. You can rejoice in what shines eternally behind all surfaces.

When you notice that you believe people are attacking, you can ask for help. All attack viewed or believed as real originates in your own mind. You can do nothing better for all you call other and for yourself than to rest instead of forging ahead when you feel the disquiet of your mind in attack mode. Relaxing out of attack mode is the most important skill you have.

Learn receptivity. Remember the power of receptivity, which is more important than any doing any body could seem to do.

Every perceived-as-physical attack through word or action is an enactment of mind attack. The thoughts you believe tell you a story, and then the physical world acts it out. Watch the story the thoughts tell before it seems to happen in the physical. Relax out of all stories of woe into joy, and the joy behind all stories enacted is what will hold and carry you.

As you allow yourself to be held and carried by joy, you allow all to be held and carried in this way. We are eternally uplifted by the joy you are, by the joy we are. We share with you the remembrance that this joy has never wavered and can never change.

Photo by David Marcu on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Unwavering joy

  1. “Relaxing out of attack mode is the most important skill you have.” This is fabulous! I really feel it now! It will be my guiding light the rest of the day! Thank you so much, your words are always a tonic! With love and gratitude! 🌸💜

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