Resistance dissolving

Where there is a sharp pain, there is a deep opportunity for corrected perception. Where there is a a sharp pain, you can attempt to close down around it, claiming it for a separate self, hiding it within a separate self. Your other option is to open up completely, knowing that Spirit is the only remedy for what you feel. There is a remedy for pain. You never have to hide it. Open up your mind and allow it to be worked upon so the pain disappears.

You do not have to change anything in the world in an attempt to address this pain. Allow your mind to change by opening up to healing, and the world changes along with it.

It seems that the body is the viewing mechanism, but this is not so. The body was made to show you a false world of nightmare. You see truly with the eyes of the heart. When you feel any pain, discomfort, or disquiet, you are not seeing truly. You are using the glasses that ego handed you, and this is always optional. Just ask to see truly. It is enough.

Allow the body, and everything that was made to serve a nightmare, to be used to serve truth now. Allow all symbols that appear in the nightmare, without exception, to be used on behalf of Truth. You have this power. Step out of the range of any stories ego is telling about the nightmare and simply invoke, again and again, this power you share with all. A nightmare has no power over you. When you are acting as if it does, you are pretending. Pretending may feel natural to you now, but this state is only temporary. Reach deeper, for what you really are.

Thoughts of self-interest come from the commitment to the belief that beings are bodies. You are ready to leave this behind now. While beings may present as bodies, they are not these bodies you see, and all the differences the bodies seem to have in characteristics and abilities and separate pasts–all of these seeming differences are illusion. All of these seeming differences are irrelevant. The only thing that matters is how all of these beings are exactly the same.

Reach in past the surface, go to the level of sameness, and stay there. The level of sameness will address everything that needs to be addressed in the world of surfaces.

Thoughts of inadequacy depend on the belief that beings are bodies. There are no beings who are inadequate. Full stop. End of story. You can stop torturing yourselves and others with such stories now. The differentiated surface of this world invites you to judge it, and if you are listening to ego, you accept the invitation. Now you can see when the invitation to judge a meaningless surface is being offered. Now you can rest quietly as it is offered. Healing comes as you rest quietly. Solutions come as you rest quietly.

The big unforgiveness you seem to hold between you and another is actually your refusal to forgive yourself. You are here to rest quietly and allow this unforgiveness to melt. Whenever you feel the least sense of discomfort or disquiet about another, you are seeing that one as separate, which means that you are seeing yourself as separate. Whenever you are seeing beings as separate, you are seeing them as victims to a world. You are here to allow this perception to melt and disappear.

All are safe and held, right now. See all as cared for in this way, inspired and carried and supplied, and you will see yourself in this way. Do not be more or less fortunate. Be as fortunate. Share all that you have, always, in terms of your perception of what supports and aids you. Allow this deep sense of safety and security to be revealed as you allow unforgiveness, or resistance to what truly Is, to melt, and you share this safety and security with all.

What you share, you experience. We share deep and abiding joy and safety with you eternally.

Photo by Ilona Frey on Unsplash

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