As you look, you ask to see

As you look, you ask to see. When you are looking at something, your looking is a way of seeing. You don’t just look upon things already there, things you have nothing to do with. You always look upon yourself. You always look in a mirror. So whatever you think you are seeing, that is what you think is real within yourself.

I looked at one I call other, and I thought I saw this inexplicable darkness in complete contrast with the surface he was presenting. I just wanted to run away. It was on Facebook. I thought about pressing “snooze” on him for a while to get a break from this incomprehensible darkness I saw when I looked at him.

And miss your chance for healing, hanging onto suffering for another day? We can look at him together. This incomprehensible darkness is what you believe to be most real about you, and it is the source of all disquiet you experience. He is handing you the key to becoming free of your belief in it. You’re not usually aware that you’re attached to the thought that you are filled with inexplicable darkness, but he helps you see that you are attached. This is a huge favor.

Not only this, he shows you that you are attached to ego’s way of seeing, and that as you look upon things you believe to be separate, you ask to see inexplicable darkness. You were not aware that you have been asking for this, but now you are. If you leave it with him, as his inexplicable darkness, you also hold onto it as your guiding light. No one wants inexplicable darkness as their guiding light when they truly get a chance to decide. He is giving you this chance.

Now I have found my gratitude for him, and that feels much better. There is no need to run away.

As you see, you have given. You see cause for gratitude, and you have given cause for gratitude. Of course this feels better than believing there are real reasons for you to run away from those you call other. Ask to see what is Real within all beings and things that seem other, and you are inviting what is Real into your experience. Only Love is Real. If you feel something keenly that seems to be not-Love, you are receiving an opportunity to allow distortion to wash away.

As you ask to see the goodness without opposite everywhere, your false foundation is shaken in a very helpful way. When you looked at this man who seemed other, your false foundation was shaken in a very helpful way. You believed your safety and security came from leaning on egoic thought, but you could feel the instability of attempting to lean on egoic thought. Feeling this instability, you can reach deeper and make that your new foundation. Peace is your true foundation. Don’t worry about the exteriors that you seem to be seeing. Ask the light to animate the form.

Fix your mind on the one constant, the one Real, and invite that into your experience in a way you can share. The Real is shareable because it is always alive and shining in all. Ask to see what is shared among all beings, among all things and situations seen as separate, and you ask to see the light everywhere, in everyone, in everything.

As you approach your true foundation in peace, you will meet those on the path who seem to be animated by evil itself. Don’t be fooled. It’s just your fondest wish for evil being uncovered. By fondest wish for evil, we only mean this: a wish to see things as they are not, never have been, and never can be. If you seem to see it, you wanted it, but that’s okay. Because right now, you can ask to see all as it Is and ever shall be. It’s only perception. Just ask to see things as they Are.

When you seem to see evil in another, it’s because you asked to see it, but you forgot that you asked. You cannot ask to see evil in another without believing that evil is in you. That’s the only reason you would ask to see it someplace else. Seeing evil out there in a world is your attempt to cast out the evil that you believe is real and in you.

Luckily, evil isn’t real, even though you do ask to see illusions of it. Be still and allow the illusion to pass away. Ask to see what is Real, and you will remember the purity of what is Real in you.

The purity of what is Real is what you and all truly Are, and it doesn’t need anything. As you Are, you don’t have any wants. We tell you this so you can observe that idea that you want and need things.

All ideas about wanting and needing things are connected to your belief that evil is real and in you. If you believe that evil is real and in you, the restlessness of this causes you to seek distraction. Give up the belief that evil is real and in you, and the restlessness of wanting and needing disappears.

When you notice the disquiet of a wanting and needing thought and you give that to Spirit, you are detaching from a lifelong commitment to seeing evil in yourself. That which you see in yourself, you must try to see in others. All of this ends as you notice attachment to thoughts from ego and you pause to give those thoughts to Spirit.

Thank you for allowing us to get down to the root of this with you today. We are here, past and prior to the root of egoic thinking, and so are you. It is our delight to show you where you truly Are. Then you get to see everyone else Here, too.

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