The extension of Love that you allow, the extension of Love that you Are Time and space can be experienced as the projection of fearful thought or the extension of loving thought. You know which you are experiencing by how you feel. If you notice that you are experiencing the projection of fearful thought, remember that you are never condemned or stuck. You need only to look at … Continue reading The extension of Love that you allow, the extension of Love that you Are

Letting thought go Whenever you feel disquiet of any kind, it is always because of the presence of faulty information and false attachments in the mind. If something is there that shouldn't be there, it makes sense to let it go. This faulty information is all from ego, and you have given it a home in your … Continue reading Letting thought go

Repost: Love’s Beginning

This is a repost from December 12, 2017 💚 There are two selves that can act through us--the separated self, and the whole, complete self that flows through on love and inspiration. The “normal” human would think it madness to toggle the switch over to complete trust in love and inspiration, but that is … Continue reading Repost: Love’s Beginning

The actual and true What is yours belongs to everyone equally without exception. What is truly yours belongs to all equally, and everything else is unreal, a facet of illusion. Your ability to look through the unreal, as if it is transparent and meaningless, directly to the Real, is what bring you peace. A preferred condition in the … Continue reading The actual and true

Resistance dissolving Where there is a sharp pain, there is a deep opportunity for corrected perception. Where there is a a sharp pain, you can attempt to close down around it, claiming it for a separate self, hiding it within a separate self. Your other option is to open up completely, knowing that Spirit is the … Continue reading Resistance dissolving

A Course in Forgetting: Extension As you focus inward, extension happens. In your remembrance of the light before all else, the light at the center of everything is activated and extends. When the focus is on the light above all else, the light can extend. You are learning to keep and hold your focus here, no matter what particulars … Continue reading A Course in Forgetting: Extension

Behold! Set your gaze inward. Inward is where your treasure lies. Inward is the direction in which to go if you wish to guide all those you call other to their treasure, equally available and equally deserved. Inward is where truth lies. Inward is where you leave confusion behind. When something outside seems to disturb, … Continue reading Behold!