You Are that abundance

Your needs are fulfilled Now by what you can dive into Now. Every need you have right now is fulfilled now. Everything else is a story that ego is telling. Through training and practice, you learn to recognize ego’s storytelling as nothing, affecting nothing real.

The heaviness you feel in your heart is the presence of thoughts from ego that you believe are useful and beneficial. Every day is an opportunity to have one of these thoughts uncovered, and to find the bravery to hold it up to the light and to let it go. They are the thoughts that build your prison, although they pretend to be thoughts that guarantee your safety in a separate identity that protects.

Just like in a going-out-of-business sale, everything must go! So every day, these thoughts rise to the surface, and every day, the best solution is to let them go. As you let ego’s certainties go, the certainties upon which you build an idea of being able to control things, you allow Spirit’s simple directives to emerge. Spirit’s simple directives don’t pressure a separate you to control. They Are the control, the authority of the one Self that you allow as you release the tyranny of the perception of separate selves.

You’re just Love. You don’t have any bells and whistles because you don’t need them. You’re enough. The same is true for all. Everyone is the simplest thing there is. Anything other than that–you don’t know how to judge or analyze it, and you don’t have to. Spirit’s simple directives handle anything that needs to be handled.

When something that seems to have been abundant before becomes scarce in your sight, it’s because it is time for you to realize that you Are that abundance that can pour forth from everyone and everything, and you are always unified with it. When scarcity seems to be, remember this: “Abundance is here. I am willing to see it.” You live in eternal abundance, and this real abundance is the only supply you need. Put this real abundance in charge of your perception, and you find that you don’t have to worry about any needs within the illusion. The important thing about the illusion is your ability to be guided through and out of it, not any trinkets you can pick up on your way through it. As soon as you leave the illusion, the trinkets are no more.

We rest in complete abundance always, and therefore so do you, and therefore so do all. See all as the abundance they Are, and connect them with that which meets all needs.

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