New, clean, and open

That part of you that is exhausted and can go no further is not you. You can safely leave it by the side of the road. When you feel exhausted, this is useful. There is something you can leave behind–something you have been dragging with you for all of time.

As you leave what isn’t you by the side of the road, you leave what isn’t anyone you call else by the side of the road. Suddenly, all you call other no longer have a past. They are new, clean, and open conduits in this moment. What you allow in others, you allow in yourself. If you see all others as new, clean and open conduits in this moment, then that is what you become.

If you solve a problem by worldly means, it means you keep the problem in another form to solve again. This doesn’t mean that you need to use effort to prevent the solving of problems through worldly means. It does mean that you begin to see problems as perceptions and solutions as perceptions. It does mean that you remember more often the opportunity to turn all perception over to Spirit. You don’t have to control anything. You don’t have to manage anything. But the invitation is always open to you to allow that which encompasses all to take care of all. In the presence of that which encompasses all, effort fades.

Safety envelops all beings. The only danger is in your perception, which can change. Danger is only a perception. Ego uses the idea of danger often, and you can observe to see when this is so. As you observe ego offering the idea of danger, you can refer to what is prior to ego. When the idea of danger arises, you can stop to question: “Is this truly so? What is Real here? I am willing to see what is Real.”

While you don’t see what is Real with your physical eye, you can see symbolic representations of what is Real, and this is what we mean by allowing Spirit to take over all of perception. This means that you stop insisting on the reality of anything from an egoic perspective, from a perspective of separation. You do begin to remember that what is Real can shine through anything at all, and in this you and all are very safe.

Instead of believing a thought that you want something in the world to change, find your willingness to allow your perception to change. Ego declares that perception is Real and therefore difficult to change. Ego tells you to lean on perception for your stability. Spirit shows you that perception is unreal and therefore very easily changed. Spirit shows you how to lean on what you and all Are–on Spirit itself–for stability.

We never lose sight of our true stability, which is prior to all perception. Our stability is yours, and it is our delight to remind you of its presence.

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