You always have an organizer. You always choose an organizer. Either ego organizes perception for you, or Spirit does. Whenever you feel disquiet, you have allowed ego to organize perception. When you feel joy in your heart, you have allowed Spirit to organize your perception. This is why you can feel consistent joy in your heart. This is why it is always your decision.

Ego offers a means of feeling in control, settled, and organized in this world. Spirit offers a means of feeling carried, shown, held in peace, and guided through a preset pathway that has its origins prior to this world. You are always guided by something. Your only decision is what will guide you. You can be guided by something of this world, or you can be guided by what is prior to this world, by what is not of this world but can shine into it.

If you’re willing to remember [insert name of anyone here] as Peace, that’s the reflection you’ll start to see in the mirror. As you access your willingness to see everyone, without any exceptions, as Peace, then you are allowing Peace to carry you on a preset pathway through your perception of this world. Through and out. Ego just carries you through the sameness of strife with no plan to emerge. Spirit’s plan for all is emergence. Ego calls Spirit’s plan “emergency” and says that terrible things are coming. Just remember that it’s only emergence, and there is no need for fear.

To stop caring about illusory appearances is not a problem. Everything in your world is going to tell you to care about illusory appearances, but as you become willing to look underneath to the light, the light is what becomes primary. Ego tells you that you have to stay in charge of managing and maintaining illusory appearances, but the truth is that Spirit can handle all of that for you. Put Spirit in charge of perception, and you realize that speech is a perception. Action is a perception. Put Spirit in charge of perception, and you have allowed the authority of the true and shared Self to shine through the tyranny of what never was and what can never truly be.

What you call caring is certainty about a doom that doesn’t exist. Caring is a fine starting place to be relieved of the burden of the belief that you care more or less than those you call other. Look. Look deeply at ego’s version of caring. It’s anxiety. It’s worry. It’s guilt. We have good news for you. Care, like Love, is always Here. Just Here. Very simply. There’s nothing you need to do about it–nothing at all.

As you allow false ideas about care (and those who care more, and those who care less, and those who care worst, and those who care best) to fall away, you become aware of this beautiful, warm, abundant foundation of Caring on which you have always been standing. You’ve never left it. It shines through you without your effort in perfect ways as you allow it. As you become willing to see that all Care because they have always been standing upon this pristine foundation of Caring, then Caring emanates through you effortlessly. No struggle. No judgment. No analysis.

We want you to have an easy time of it. We are always offering this easy option to you, and as you are willing to drop the complexity of thoughts from what has never been, the simplicity of our nature dawns upon you and shines through everyone and everything you perceive.

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