Now shines through You can also listen on Rumble & Spotify ๐Ÿ’š You have become accustomed to believing that the thoughts from ego give you some semblance of safety. They seem to give you a handhold, a definition, a means of orientation. We are here to show you that reliance on what is Real provides all that … Continue reading Now shines through

Relaxing out of drama Nothing in this right-now situation you seem to be in is your fault or the fault of any other. But everything in this situation is for your benefit and for the benefit of all. Anywhere in this situation that you feel an edge or a block or a density--this is where you can allow … Continue reading Relaxing out of drama

You Are that abundance Your needs are fulfilled Now by what you can dive into Now. Every need you have right now is fulfilled now. Everything else is a story that ego is telling. Through training and practice, you learn to recognize ego's storytelling as nothing, affecting nothing real. The heaviness you feel in your heart is the … Continue reading You Are that abundance

Looking at your defensive shields with and as Light When you feel tension or disturbance, you are looking upon the world that yesterday would show you. The world of the past has nothing to do with this moment right now. Tension or disturbance only means that you have an invitation to focus upon what is Here Now, beyond everything the senses would tell … Continue reading Looking at your defensive shields with and as Light

The irrelevance of circumstance

We invite you to watch. Watch how beliefs operate in your experience today. Watch them arise. Identify them. Be curious about their effects. Notice any attachment to belief. Who would you be without a particular belief? What do you think would happen without that belief? Is there any fear associated with the idea of that … Continue reading The irrelevance of circumstance

The beauty of standing in line

What in you is afraid of letting go? Maybe we should rephrase the question. What on you is afraid of letting go? Yes, we like this. Because within You, as you are, there is no fear. So fear is on you. And it is only on you because you are clinging to it. By clinging … Continue reading The beauty of standing in line

Here is the key

Imagine that you are living life within a box. You say you want to leave the box, but the lock is on the inside and you are the only one with the key. Today we show you that key. We work with you so you can see it in the palm of your hand. The … Continue reading Here is the key