The purity of the shared heart

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When you take a thought about another character in–in toward the light within you, you allow Spirit to extend. When you feel the tension of a belief about another character, there are two places you can go. When you go directly into the purity of the heart you share with the one who looks like another character, that thought you heard loses all meaning and value. Instead, the rays of light extending from the heart you share shine forth. Who would not choose this radiance over some temporary, small idea of who someone is as separate? Yet you are accustomed to choosing this smallness over and over and over again. Today you choose shared radiance.

If you choose against shared radiance now, your other option is to believe thought from ego is true and to see that false truth projected out on the world. When what you see in the world disturbs you, it is an indicator of a past decision for projection. This past decision can be undone now. Whatever you believe is true about this outer disturbing world, take the thought of it into the purity of the heart. Allow the rays of light to extend from the purity of the shared heart. Ego’s cause and effect reasoning does not exist within the purity of the shared heart. Rest here, and make this your resting place.

Projection ends at the boundaries of the imaginary world you made with thought. Extension is forever without limit or boundary. When you are caught up in your mind’s projection of the false, giving it meaning and value, you can feel the tug of this sense of limit and contraction. When you go in to the purity of the shared heart, you can feel the limitlessness of Reality. Focus upon limitlessness, and allow this limitlessness to solve any problems your focus on projection has shown you.

Ego sends you petty thoughts, limit thoughts, small thoughts. Don’t believe the petty. Take it into your heart. You cannot go into the center of your shared heart holding pettiness. It disappears from your hands, every time. So when what you are holding in your hands seems to bother you, don’t set it down and try to run away from it. Keep it, and walk straight into the light. See if it can still be when you are right in the middle of the light you share with all. You gather these petty thoughts when you wander away from the light you share with all. You are welcome to rest a while here. You are welcome to stay.

Sometimes what your mind offers you seems to be so explosive and volatile. Go right into the middle of the volcano in your mind. You will see that you are holding the volcano in your hand. It is only a thought you believe. You don’t have to run away from it or distract away from it. You can walk right into the middle of what seems explosive and find only a thought believed. You can walk straight into the purity of your own heart holding this thought volcano in your hand. Here is the pure heart you share with all. In the safety of the purity of the shared heart, the volcano dissolves. There is nothing in your hand.

Walk straight toward the danger in your mind, and then walk straight toward the light in your heart. There is nothing you need fear.

Your life is not about getting the chess pieces on the board to respond in the way you want them to. It’s about allowing yourself to see the pieces they Are, to appreciate them as they Are. When you can see that each piece has at its core the purity of the heart that heals all, then you don’t need any piece to do any particular thing. You can just enjoy and appreciate.

We appreciate how you are our perfect mirror, because we see only that which is Real in you.

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