Now shines through

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You have become accustomed to believing that the thoughts from ego give you some semblance of safety. They seem to give you a handhold, a definition, a means of orientation. We are here to show you that reliance on what is Real provides all that you need and is your orientation.

The horrible thoughts ego suggests–when you believe them and keep them, this is why you see horrible things. You want a little horrible in your life. Your separate self (and anyone else’s) doesn’t cause separate horrible things, because neither the separate selves nor the separate things can ever be real. But you do see what you want to see, always. And sections of the script do get clipped out as you become aware of your focus.

You are indeed in charge of your focus. Nothing “out there” in the world truly affects it. You can take what you see “out there” as an indicator of where you have been focusing. Gaze right through the surface of everything you think you have been seeing, and you rely on what is Here Now for you and all.

We have spoken at length about how you see the people who appear to be especially bad. Now it is time to take a look at the ones who appear to be especially good. Can you release them out of their constricting identities right now? What if what they are, just as they Are with no effort, is exactly what everyone needs right now? We encourage you to look straight through the surface of the especially good. Look straight through to the sameness that is in us all, and you won’t get caught in the trap of comparing and idolizing.

Meeting all as they truly Are under the surface is the healthiest and most beautiful thing you could do for anyone right now. And what you do for everyone, you do for yourself.

You walk about in a world. You see characters. What do the characters reflect back to you? They always show you your propensity–your propensity to want to see this or to want to see that. Look at this word, propensity. Pro means forward or down in Latin. Pendere means hang. So when you want to look at surfaces, you are leaning forward into time and effort. When you want to look under every surface to the sameness in us all, you relax back into the Now that is always right Here.

What you activate in them, you activate in yourself. You can activate, or bring into sight, relative good and bad–both of which lead to suffering because there is the tension and the instability of the back and forth. You can also activate the goodness without opposite that is the most essential quality of every being you meet or think of.

Ego sends the thought that the Now devours everything you want to see, so you should stay away from this now. You lean forward away from the peace of this Now into effort and conflict. As you lean forward, you see good opposed to bad.

Spirit sends the realization that the Now shines through everything that isn’t and never was. In this realization, everyone is free Now. Everyone is loving Now. You are learning now to abandon this leaning-forward posture, constantly searching for opposites. You are learning to see what is Real Here. Be patient as you learn. Everyone is your mirror. Be patient as they learn what they can see instead of what they wanted to see.

We see You. And we know that the perfection of your being is forever the perfection of ours.

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