I know you are, but what am I?

Perfection is eternal. Just like you. Just like everyone across time and space you perceive to be “else.”

We do not require that you transform yourself into a state of perfection, because you already are in a state of perfection, just as we are. This is not a journey of tinkering with what you perceive to be your self in order to be worthy of receiving healing. This is about the remembrance of who you are, of who everyone else is. This is about the realization that healing is always available now, and when healing is accepted it is shared.

Any struggle to get from a state of not-perfection to one of perfection is a struggle of the ego based on illusion, based on the perception of what isn’t there. When you catch yourself in the strain of any kind of struggle, remember this. Against what are you struggling? Against nothing, always. Against a very powerful illusion that seems to be something. If you recognize the power of the mind that makes this illusion using another illusion–ego–as the tool, then you can recognize that power of that same mind to simply drop the illusion. Because you are making it, the illusion has no power over you or any being.

You don’t need perfection because you are perfection. You can give up the quest for what you are. You need only willingness to see perfection everywhere. When you have even a little willingness to remember who you are and who everyone else is, we are able to come to your aid, and that willingness only expands. As you experience willingness, you share it with others. This journey Home is taken with your divine siblings in the awareness of your increasing gratitude and love for them, your strengthened ability to see their perfection.

if anything seems to stand in your way today, remember that it is part of the illusion that you are hanging onto. What would you want more than this, more than clinging to an illusion? That feeling you get when something seems to be blocking you, that’s how it feels to hold fast to an illusion. That’s how it feels to block out the awareness of love’s ever-presence. That feeling is simply a signal to return to Love, to allow it in, to allow it to be expressed through you. .

If you feel you are being blocked by anything at all today, remember that you are the one who blocks out the awareness of love’s ever-presence, but only every time. What do you want more than this? Say this to yourself: More than this, I want to see your perfection, and mine. I want to see the perfection of this moment. I want to see the divine design that leads us all to healing.

Perfection is eternal and is always shining. Since you are perfection, that means you are eternal and always shining. Since you and your divine siblings are equal and fully worthy, that means every being you encounter in the physical or in thought today is eternal and always shining. Give thanks for how they shine upon you. Give thanks for how you shine upon others. We thank you for your willingness to remember, and it is our delight to support you throughout your day.

We are a loving presence, and we can only be a loving presence because that is what you are, too. Your divine siblings are loving presences, no matter what roles they are playing in the healing drama now, and they can only be loving presences because that is what you are, too.  We celebrate what you are.

Photo by Tivadar Balázs on Unsplash
I love the story of how this photo came to be:
I was trying out my new lens in my room, when suddenly the rain started pouring heavily hitting the windows as well, Then some minutes later the sky cleared up and the sun shine through. That’s when I had an idea to take photos of the drops on the windows from an unusual angle and this photo is the result of it.

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