Event: It’s All Good

It’s All Good: Mind Healing as Daily Practice
Saturday, January 25, 3 to 5 pm
The Sanctuary, 301 Main St., Vestal, NY  13850
(storefront on the corner of Charles and Main)

With Vera Scroggins, Carole Antun, and Julie Boerst.

Join us for another collective awakening gathering. We will come together to share and learn about mind healing as daily practice in the context of collective awakening. Our focus will be on recognizing every facet of life experience as that which can usher healing into our lives and the lives of others. Our exploration will be a combination of meditation and discussion.

If you’re local to the Vestal, NY area, I’d love to meet you!

Photo by 贝莉儿 DANIST on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Event: It’s All Good

  1. Waiting at checkout at Sam’s Club behind a customer that needed customer service level of assistance. #blessed ; when she apologized to me, I told her it’s all good and I hope she is getting the assistance she needs. When the cashier apologized to me, I told her not a problem, I thought we all handled it well.

    Feeling self conscious about productive cough, certain that my upstairs neighbors and their guests can hear it. #blessed ; I began to cough with confidence because it’s for my own healing and giving thanks to my neighbors for playing the role.

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