Pure abundance

You live in pure abundance, all of the time. Allow us to surround you with this clear perception. Abundance is an energy, a very simple energy in which you abide at all times. A key feature of your being-human experience was near-constant blocking of the truth that abundance Is.

We can use the past tense. You did learn, as children do, to block abundance on a consistent basis–abundance of material support, abundance of ease, abundance of appreciation. It may seem that you blocked it very consistently in one area and not another. It doesn’t matter how you seem to have blocked it. What matters now is your willingness to have your perception corrected.

Would you like to live in a pure abundance that you can share with others? You already do. Would you like to see this?

Whenever you feel tension arising today, we invite you to say to yourself and to us, “I feel how I block awareness of abundance. I am willing to see things clearly now.” Before you go hurtling ahead with activities and conversations, take that moment to acknowledge what you’re feeling. Take that moment to accept the reset.

This is not just about what you perceive to be yourself. This is about the whole world, because you are projecting it. In blocking abundance, you are insisting on seeing a particular kind of world in which disorder appears outside of you so you don’t have to observe the terrible thing within that you think you did. You think you chose separation perception, and that is what separated you from your creator, so you have no choice but to continue to hide out in the fantasy world you made.

It is perfectly safe to set the fantasy world down because you never did successfully separate from your creator and there never has been anything to forgive. You’ve just been having a very long dream in which you spin out successive scenarios of disorder and suffering.

When you allow yourself to feel what you call negative feeling, you do observe what you think you did but never did. When you accept perception correction, you do forgive yourself, and beyond that, you realize that forgiveness was never necessary because you did precisely nothing. You dreamed. That is all. You never hurt anyone.

If you strive to block out the awareness of abundance, as you have been taught to do, you believe you must struggle and try for what you seem to require to thrive in this world. When you are willing to drop this sense of struggle and effort, to have your perception corrected, to just see what comes of this, you are allowing the abundance you are to run the dream. Your experience within the dream shifts because you allowed it.

There is no outer and inner. That perception belongs to the illusion, and you will allow that one to be corrected, too. In the meantime, though, we can work with this perception that there is something real outside of what you perceive to be yourself. It is very easy for us to work with the perceptions you are choosing now, so you needn’t worry about whatever it is you still believe to be true.

The world you seem to see outside of yourself backs up your belief that you must struggle and try, but the world is the projection of your guilt. The guilt–entirely unnecessary–is painful. The pain is your indicator that it is unnecessary. Because you believe that there are things outside of you, you attempt to shift this pain away from what you perceive to be yourself–outward–and then you see a fantasy version of outward that looks like the opposite of harmony.

Are you willing to allow harmony? You all have the power to do this. It’s a wonderful thing to know about the power that all have, right now. It makes you very happy for them, for yourself. for all.

Ego will do its job, because ego is what you set in place to have separation perception. Ego will issue all sorts of warnings and alerts about what will happen if you allow the pure abundance that is yourSelf to run your experience. Simply turn to us whenever you hear an ego alert. You have taken a very loving impulse from home and coated it in fear because you are accustomed to gaining a sense of well-being from blocking abundance. Ego gives you a false sense of order from the idea that you, as a separate entity, control things.

This whole nest of tendencies will untangle itself. That is what time is for now. We delight in helping you untangle and restore perception, so call upon us often so you can experience the joy of seeing things as they truly are.

We invite you to feel the tension of efforting today, the pushing. This comes from denial of abundance, from choosing fear over love, from believing fear is real and the Love is a fiction, not truly there to support you. Call upon us, and we will assist you in seeing what is Real. You cannot call upon us too much. When you call upon us at all times, this is called Harmony, and then you have no sense of calling anymore because you never leave us in your perception. This is called flow.

We delight in the flow of Love we are, and it is our great joy to restore the awareness of our always-shared abundance to you.

Photo by Gaetano Cessati on Unsplash

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