Feeling lights the way Home

We invite you to focus upon perception. You perceive with your senses. You also perceive how you feel. We ask you to look through this lens today: Feeling is the only worthwhile perception. Why would we ask you to put your focus here? Unless you know how you feel, you are lost. Feeling is your guide on this journey. Think of animals and their physical feelers, the antennae, the whiskers. Your feelers are very important to you. They show you where to go.

Notice when you ignore what you feel today and then forge ahead with activity. Notice the pushing down, and then the pushing on with an agenda. If you have pushed the feeling down, you are following an agenda laid out for you by ego.

All experience is made of perception. Think of the experience of going on vacation. Think of all the various kinds of perception that are necessary in order for you to believe that you have gone on vacation. All perception begins in thought. Thought believed queues up what you are going to experience.

To perception, you attach value. If you perceive cooling relief on a hot summer’s day, that is called good. If you perceive shaky chills on a subzero day, that is called bad. While you still use a body to communicate, physical perception continues. You can turn all perception and all valuing over to our one, harmonious Self while you speak and act through a body. One way to turn valuing over to the one Self is to recognize that every experience now is for the purpose of healing, and valuing can be done on that basis. Every experience is worthwhile because it contributes to healing.

Judgmental thoughts come to you to assess the value of what is perceived. There are two sets of thoughts available to you, however. First of all, think of pure thought as a constant and loving impulse from Home that can always reach you. Think of it as true thought. True thought can reach you directly and guide you. However, true thought from Home can, by your choice, be put through an egoic filter and then delivered to you. So the thought you receive is distorted. It is not true, yet your personality structure accepts it as true, and then the body speaks and acts based on distorted thoughts.

In this sense, it is not as if the One of us and ego could ever be in competition with each other. You chose the ego experience, and the ego experience necessitates distortion of the thoughts from Home that would deliver you from the ego experience. But you chose it, and you are afraid to let go of it. That is the only conflict there is, and any conflict you see in your world reflects that back to you.

Here is the key: If you are experiencing the judgment of ego, you won’t feel good. It is a very simple technology that will get you Home. Every time you don’t feel good, it is because you are accepting the judgment of ego. It is never because of some separated off aspect of perception. It is never because something in the world is real and truly threatening. It seems real and truly threatening, and it is very believable. But it is only believable because you chose the experience of this. When you can get in touch with this choice, there is your power.

When you don’t feel good, a thought has come to you with the distortion of ego, and you have accepted it as true. Accepting untruth as true hurts, every time. The thought has taken a detour and been put through the ego filter, by you. It’s very important to know that you choose this so you can choose again.

We walk with you today, and we rejoice to see you as you comprehend the true meaning and value of your feelings.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 36 – I feel so that I can heal

Photo by Steve Halama on Unsplash

11 thoughts on “Feeling lights the way Home

  1. Do we recognize that ego has put a filter each time we feel “not good”? If there is no egoic filter – how will we feel? At peace, with ourselves and the universe, just accepting everything — even if in the outside it seems miserable like hot weather, yelling bosses? Thank you for being so patient with me….sorry if i ask the same questions again.

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    1. I have a little more time to respond now. In general, we don’t recognize that ego’s filter is the reason we feel not-good. We don’t even know that we are making that choice. But now that many are awakening, we are called not to look to the conditions of the world or to what seems to happen to us as cause. We are called to look at our choice to hear thoughts through the filter of ego. We can always choose again, and that is our power.

      When we choose to hear thoughts with egoic distortion, our personality structure, which is actually quite confining, gets built up and defended. In other words, we voluntarily make our own prisons with thought.

      When we choose to get our thoughts directly from Heaven, the personality structure melts away, and we feel free. 💚

      The key is that we know we’re hearing a thought distorted by ego because we don’t feel good. When we know the true purpose of feelings–to let us know we’re believing lies–we can remind ourselves not to believe the egoic thoughts.

      When we stop believing the egoic thoughts, more and more thoughts get to us directly from Heaven. Choosing to have thoughts run through the ego is a deeply ingrained habit, and as we make progress in not listening to the ego, we’re going to experience times where the old habit flares up again. We get scared as the personality structure melts away because we are accustomed to thinking about it as our safety and even our happiness.

      When we know that a flare-up is just that, and we can meet the resurgence of the old habit with peace and love in our hearts, we go deeper and deeper. As we go deeper, we make the way Home faster and easier for those around us. 💙

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      1. Thank you for this amazing explanation.

        Every time i feel miserable – i have to recognize “I am feeling miserable. It is ego at play.” And then think – what is the ego saying? And then let go of it – by just offering it to the Universe and getting back to the center of peace. Did i get the process right?

        Sometimes the thoughts are really sticky though – but i guess as i keep practicing, it will get easier.

        I feel so blessed, blessed, blessed – and beyond blessed to learn this from you! Thank you, beautiful Julie — and then some more.

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