Love’s beginning

There are two selves that can act through us–the separated self, and the whole, complete self that flows through on love and inspiration. The “normal” human would think it madness to toggle the switch over to complete trust in love and inspiration, but that is only a thought. This self-protectiveness that cautions against relaxing into love, which is our true collective identity that is undifferentiated yet expresses itself in form through differentiation–this cautiousness is only fear, and the time has come now to release fear and to allow your true self to emerge.

There is only one true self, yet many expressed through differentiation. When we see through this differentiation in each moment to the deep peace that the true self of love is, we are able to extend love (that which we truly are–reality–comfort, calm and happiness) wherever we are.

Think of this. There is only one where. There is only one when. The situation in which you happen to find yourself in this moment is simply what is appearing now. The separate self rears up at the suggestion of this with its demands for remaining responsible for a separate and vital role within a timeline.

You can meet the concerns of the separate self lovingly. Responsibility is the ability to respond, so yes, you are responsible for everything that you experience. You are never, however, responsible in a way that is associated with fear. The only way you can respond truly–from love, from what you are and what everyone else truly is, from true stability–is if you willingly set fear aside whenever you feel it.

The benevolent force within your universe, the one you can feel whenever you tune in and relax, the one that is an expression of your true self, lovingly removes fear from your human experience whenever you are willing to offer it up. This means that becoming aware of fear or any contracted emotion operating in your life is a joyous occasion because you get to release what you have discovered simply by being willing to heal, and you are able to continue on more easily, lighter, and more inspired.

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