The return of a joy that never left

Still at my mom’s bedside, waiting for what we call “the end,” but how beautiful to realize that there is no beginning and no end. I started this blog just over a year ago, and what a gift it’s been as I’ve been guided, seemingly in preparation for this moment that seems so big, but really in order to see all moments as they are.

I’m truly grateful for the entire experience, and that helps me see so clearly how profoundly grateful I am for each moment of experience I’ve had with my mom, how we’ve always played divine roles for each other, and how neither of us has anything to regret. As she finds her way to release of form, I find my way to release of my attachment to form. There is such gratitude for that gift. Thank you, Mom. Thank you, Everything, for I know that you are and always have been the Oneness of everything.  

The person is the mask. We invite you to see through the mask. The story behind the mask is always very simple. There is only one of us, and we abide in Harmony everlasting. What beauty to see right through the mask every time you meet what you call a person. You always meet yourself, your very being.

Being is shared, and therefore harmonious. If the surface of experience looks or feels conflicted or not-right in some way, look through it. Ask to see clearly. Ask to be shown. That is why we are here. We will always show you truth. When you affirm your willingness to be shown things as they truly are, life experience will come to you in forms that assist you in opening and release, opening and release, until nothing is left to block your vision of the love you and all others are.  

Shared beingness is based entirely in love. Rest there. Get your safety and security from this place. Notice when you make the attempt to get your safety and security from something in the world, from some seemingly separate material thing. Just notice the feeling, that contraction of thinking and believing that safety could come from a separate thing, a thing that could be removed from your experience. Notice and allow us to assist you in release.

On the in breath you notice. On the out breath, you allow assistance in release. All storylines now are dedicated solely to the purpose of awakening fully and sharing that awakening with all of your divine siblings, for divine they all are.  

Your purpose here is to express love, and nothing more. Find your peace there. Anything you think you have to do, you don’t. Obligation is a judgment you don’t need, so it’s safe to let it go. When you release obligation, the way becomes very clear. You are worthy of clarity. There is no reason not to accept it. When you accept clarity, you allow yourself to share it with all others, who are also equally worthy, equally loved. It could never be any other way.    

If anything seems to block the expression of love, it is never from without.  It is always, but always, an attachment to illusion. Call on us to assist you in the release of attachment, and we are always there. We delight in our connection, for our connection is nothing but joy. We celebrate as you allow this joy to return to your awareness.

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

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