Practice 33 – I shine

Today we encourage you to abide where we are. You shine, and you shine eternally. If you shine, all others across time and space shine, and they shine eternally. Join in the beautiful invitation to all beings to relax into what they are.

Begin a three-minute meditation with:
I shine

Feel the radiance all are. Feel the shining. Feel the power of the great rays to pierce all illusion. Abide in this safety and love

If you feel distracted by anything, remind yourself:
I shine

Sink into the simplicity of your Self, and know as you do that you are lighting up a path to all beings that leads to remembrance of the True Self. As you abide in your Self, you are offering healing to all beings across time and space.

Conclude with:
I shine

Step forward into your day, remembering that the I you are is the I everyone else is, too. You have endless opportunities today to allow tension to melt and disappear as you see through illusion to the simplicity of truth. As you stay committed to the awareness of who you are, you stay in touch with the solution to all perceived problems.

If anything arises today to disturb your peace, take a moment to return to yourself:
I shine

If you shine, everyone else, does, too. Silently tell the ones you think of or the ones you’re with, “You shine.” Stay in touch with your willingness to see all as it truly is. As you feel the Love you are, you are able to share it with your divine siblings.

For further reading, see Ease is a pre-existing condition

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash


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