Ease is a pre-existing condition

We invite you to see through physicality, including the body. We invite you to look right through physicality, right though judgment, to witness and feel the light that shines through from the Source of what you are. Keep your focus there, and you will feel ease today. You only leave ease by choice. Remember that. Ease is a pre-existing condition, and if you are not experiencing it, it is because you have chosen to leave.

When you are not experiencing ease, it is very easy to blame people or conditions. We ask you to give up that game today because it is time, and you are ready. When you catch yourself in judgment, acknowledge that you are lying to yourself. You are continuing a game that you can stop now. Return your awareness to the light that shines through everything, the light you are, the light everyone is. Do this very simply. No thought is required, no argument, no convincing. Simply remember the true nature of everything. Touch your willingness to allow the illusion to go.

Physicality requires no judgment. It seems as if it does, and you are in the habit of believing that you can judge and then seeming to judge, giving yourself the experience of judgment–all day long. Pain cannot exist without judgment. Suffering cannot exist without judgment. Pain and suffering cannot be unless there is a belief in something outside of yourself that can cause pain and suffering.

The game is over. There is nothing outside of your Self. Nothing causes pain. You give yourself the experience of pain and suffering that seems very real through judgment. Simply see the game for what it is. When you find yourself in judgment, pain or suffering, you are witnessing a long-standing habit of perception, and that’s all that it is. Acknowledge that you have been playing a game. Notice that participation in the game, even though it is a deeply ingrained habit, is optional.

There is a flow that will carry you through the experience of physicality. When you catch yourself playing the game, remember this flow. Be its witness. Feel it in the heart of you, in all hearts, thriving at all times. Flow is love itself. Spend a moment here, and those moments will string together and shine away the clouded perception of game-playing.

Physicality is only an experience you gave yourself. That’s all it is. When you catch yourself attaching specific meaning to physicality, different degrees of power to different aspects of physicality, remember the word habit. It is a habit to see things this way. You can voluntarily give up the habit. Just remember this. There is no struggle. Simply remember that a habit can be given up. Hold that in your awareness. Allow it to have its effect. Its effect is gentle and loving.

Physicality is far less important that you think. When you find yourself caught up in it, acknowledge, “I have become distracted.” When you allow yourself to acknowledge that physicality itself is a distraction, you open up the way for all of what you perceive now to be used in the service of healing. When you allow healing, you are delighted. When you experience delight, all around you is delightful.

As you experience temptation to hold onto your ancient perception of physicality, there is pain and suffering. Simply remember the cause of pain–attachment to separation perception–and remember the very loving arms that have always been holding you, no matter what you have been thinking and believing. It can all become undone now. You and all others are worthy of this undoing, and we celebrate you eternally.

If you would like a practice, see Practice 33 – I shine

Photo by Stephen Leonardi on Unsplash

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