Practice 8 – I share my Will with all Beings

You are innocent, and you are pure. So are all your fellows. If you are perceiving anything else, it is because you are deciding to stay in an illusion of suffering. Suffering is only possible within an illusion. The illusion itself is weak, but your mind gives it seeming power by choosing to support it. Your mind is very powerful, and when you choose Love, your true identity, there is nothing Love cannot do through you.

When you notice that you are choosing illusion instead of Reality (and you know because you don’t feel peaceful), remind yourself of this:
There is one Will, and it is mine.
I share my Will with all Beings.
My Will is thy Will. I follow my Will effortlessly in love.

The more you remember True Identity, the more you are able to tune into it and to abide in it easily and happily.

Photo by Michele Ivani on Unsplash

For further reading/listening, see Allowing Reality to run the show

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