Allowing Reality to run the show

Today we encourage you to see through fake reality to Reality. At any point during the day when you feel disturbed, when you feel any sense of threat or contraction, anything other than peace and flow, remember this: When you don’t feel good, you are treating fake reality–the world ego made–as if it is all there is.

You know this is not true, so reach underneath that for the foundational Reality–the only true one. Ask Reality to dictate all of your actions to you today. All else is insanity, denial of what is Real. Give thanks for the sense of alarm that tells you your focus has shifted to insanity.

We want you to remember that within this illusion your role is very clear, and it is given to you. Your role is not something for you to decide upon. Your role is not something you try hard to enact. Your role comes to you because you are listening, and you carry it out without effort.

Contemplate the effortlessness with which your role can be carried out. Everything is given to you, and action becomes effortless because it is done by the All through you. There is no more believing that a separate-you does anything. Only in an illusion where you are trying to hide in separation identity does this happen. If there is only one of us doing anything, there is no one to harm and no reason to feel guilty. If we are just expanding in love and joy, which is what we (and we always includes you and everyone else) have been doing at the level of True Being without ceasing, there is nothing to get upset about. You can only feel upset within a simulation, and each time you become aware of this it is your signal that you are taking the characters seriously.

Allow Love to dictate each thought, gesture, action and word. When you allow Love to do this, you allow what you are expression in the world. You can only experience the effortlessness of Love performing all actions if you turn all of the world over to the Truth of you. This means that you don’t try to be something in the world. You simply put your toys away. You don’t play your role as a separate one, efforting and struggling your way through it. Instead, you allow yourself to be guided in everything. Instead of hearing the internal monologue of a separate character who can do nothing but judge, you truly desire to hear guidance and nothing but. You turn everything over to Everything, for it is not other than what you truly are. You drop the charade.

If there is only one of us, one of you, then it is no problem if your actions are dictated. It’s actually a struggle to think there is a will other than yours. Can you set that struggle down whenever you remember this today? What we are in Harmony is waiting to flow through you, as you. Simply take everything that you perceive, without exception, and put it on the tray we are holding out. Turn it all over to Harmony because there is nothing other than that, truly. When you keep turning everything over to the Truth of you, the Truth of us all, your role within this drama becomes very clear. When you remember there is only one, the sense of the other–the invented imposter–will fade away.

We are with you, and it is our joy to ease your experience. Although you came here to suffer, to experience the pain of separate identity, you can now release all of that and allow the energy of your true Home in Peace to run everything for you.

Photo by Michele Ivani on Unsplash

If you would like a practice, see Practice 8 – I share my Will with all Beings

5 thoughts on “Allowing Reality to run the show

  1. i must say that every post of yours i read it so far, i am able to find it analogous to the teachings of Bhagavad Gita, the summary or Geethacharam as it is called,

    Whatever has happened, has happened Good
    Whatever is happening, is happening Good
    Whatever will happen in the future, will happen Good
    What did you lose? Why do you cry?
    What did you bring to lose? What did you create to go as waste?
    Whatever you took, you took it from here
    Whatever you gave, you gave it here
    Whatever is yours today will be someone else’s tomorrow
    Another day it will be somebody else’s
    This is the rule of the World…

    -Lord Krishna, Bhagavad Gita

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