You belong to everyone

You think of relationships as bodies together. Bodies together certainly do provide opportunities for the undoing of disturbed thought, but so does being what you would call alone. You are always united in thought and mind with all of your siblings across time and space. You're always receiving and giving. Every apparent encounter with another … Continue reading You belong to everyone

Sand for the pearl Remember when you are with another being, either in thought or physically, and the faintest glimmer of irritation arises within you, this experience is most certainly¬†for you. It is most certainly¬†for the you that you think you are, individually. This apparent irritant has come to you as a gift. It is penetrating into your … Continue reading Sand for the pearl


I'm sharing what I'm learning and experiencing in conversations, particularly those with my four children (because they give very honest and direct feedback), ages 2-12, in hopes that it will ease others on their journey toward effortless expression and sharing. I am learning to be guided by feeling rather than logic. I suppose I am … Continue reading Conversations