What is most important?

You don’t have to worry at all about the plot, the storyline. You don’t have to worry about a future and about seeming to control it in a certain way. The best thing for you to know about yourself or anyone is that all will be revealed, and all will become obvious. You are always supported and cared for, above all else. When you tune into the realization of how loved you and all are, it makes it easier to continue on this journey without judgment, in openness and love.

Each life experience you have is assisting you in becoming more and more willing to allow the healing plot, and nothing else, to be enacted through you. As you allow the healing plot to be enacted through you, you will notice it being enacted through all others. It cannot work any other way, since you are All. You always have been All. You are only experiencing a temporary perception, by choice, of being separate and vulnerable.

Any resistance you feel in any way, ever, is an indicator that you are finding something more valuable than the healing plot. This feeling of resistance is a helpful indicator that it is time to let go of a layer of your old conditioning, falling easily into the safety net of what you are all Are. Guidance is always available for you and all, and as you allow each moment to be guided, you make this easy flow of life more available to all.

Every experience you have is helping to bring you into a state where you value nothing more than you do your own healing, and by extension, the healing of everyone. Another way of saying this is that you are coming to value nothing more than your own happiness. To value your own happiness (and notice we are not saying satisfaction) is an indicator of your willingness to share happiness with all. Valuing your own happiness is never selfish. It is always a pathway to sharing with your fellows the only thing that truly can be shared–the joy of what you Are and always have been.

When you feel any resistance, send the call out. Ask, “What is most important?” Don’t decide–ask. Ask, and you will be shown. It is our joy to light up the way Home for you, and when you feel lost you only have to ask. We are always here, and it is our delight to assist.

Photo by Rupert Britton on Unsplash

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