The way out of fragmented thinking An exception is painful. If in your thinking you exclude some separate one from the glory of God's Love, from the limitless, boundless possibility that can flow through anyone, it hurts. Exception is the source of all pain, and it doesn't matter if in your thinking you are excluding what you perceive to be … Continue reading The way out of fragmented thinking

Overview There is a cycle you are breaking now. For a long time you didn't even see that there was a cycle to be broken, but now that you see the repetitive cycle of fearful thought, you can see the cause of the world you experience. You have been accustomed to facing something uncomfortable in … Continue reading Overview

Thought alters at the altar What alters thought? Willingness alters thought. We encourage you to imagine willingness as a spot within you, as a particular setting. We encourage you to spend time in this spot, to visit it often. When you are in willingness, it is not willingness for or toward a particular thing. It is a blessed openness … Continue reading Thought alters at the altar

Shining simplicity You can only receive two kinds of thought. You can either receive Truth or lies. You are accustomed to hearing lies and to believing that the lies are meaningful. Now your task is to understand which thoughts are lies and to look at them in the light until you can see that they actually … Continue reading Shining simplicity

You built the world of fear, and you can allow it to disappear We would like to speak to you of thoughts--of the kinds of thoughts you allow to reach you. As you realize more and more deeply which thoughts are untrue, the untrue thoughts you have been inviting and encouraging fade away into nothingness. In their absence, there is no suffering. The world you experience … Continue reading You built the world of fear, and you can allow it to disappear

Streaming thoughts Thoughts occur to you. Throughout your day, thoughts come into your mind. You are the gatekeeper. You have the power to say, "No, thank you," to a thought. This power is greater than any power that seems to be in the physical. This is the power of clarity. When you are looking at the … Continue reading Streaming thoughts

The only gift we can give Here is today's gift, and the gift we give every day: What we offer you is the realization that you are victim to nothing. If you are victim to nothing, then no one else in your drama can be victim to anything, either. If it appears that there are victims, remember that this is … Continue reading The only gift we can give

Your foundation is unwavering There is only goodness, and there is nothing outside of goodness.  Know this, and know this deeply. Know this beyond all surface appearances. Know this each time a judgment arises in your mind to fool you. This all the work of illusion using thought, and always underneath that surface of illusion there is the … Continue reading Your foundation is unwavering