Allowing the mystification to go

Hey, it’s your old pal, Jesus. In another tradition I might go by another name, but for now I’ll be Jesus. I appear to you in this form for good reason, and I only ask for your trust as I show you what you can see today.

I’m going to tell you a story about a harmony machine. Now, the machine part of it isn’t real, but the story will help you see something, and that’s what I’m here for, in whatever form I show up. I’m here to help you see. You have been seeing what isn’t, by choice, and I am here to help you see what Is, also by choice.

Whenever you don’t feel good, you’re not seeing what is here to be seen. But I’m right next to you, taking whatever form you see, helping you to see what is Here, what is more real than what your senses have shown you in the past. The presence that is always with you and all–it is more reliable than all memories of past sensory data, more real than all the conclusions you have drawn about this remembered sensory data.

In the story of the harmony machine, my role was to help you see that there is a harmony machine to use, and it’s plugged in and powered up. I’m still here on the tech support line as you see this machine and plug yourself in. I also show up as everyone else you see, but we’ll just focus upon the tech support for now.

You still have the idea that to plug yourself into this machine is to plug yourself in as a body–to be stuck, immobilized, and bored. But this is not so. As a walking-around character, I made the presence of this harmony machine known to all. Now I show you that you are already “plugged in” to it at the level of mind. You only have to notice. You are already plugged in, as are all. As you see this, you see me everywhere. To see me everywhere is to see the essence of what everyone is everywhere. As you see our Self everywhere, you can see how safe you Are.

I had to appear to you as Jesus today to undo all the mystification with which you have surrounded Jesus, and therefore yourself. If you surround yourself with mystification, you also surround everyone else with mystification, and then we have a whole mess. I’m here to shine the light through the form, through the mystification, and to show you this light as yourself. You see it as yourself by seeing it as everyone you call else. As I teach you to see me in everyone, you allow all the mystification around me to go.

Allowing all the mystification around me to go means allowing everything that isn’t to never have been–the thorns, the nails, the suffering. Here with me now, there is no suffering. My essence is Love, not suffering. This means that the essence of all is Love, not suffering. You see the true essence of all as you are willing to see it.

I am always happy to show you how you can see invented disharmony by choice, and you can also see eternal harmony by choice. It is my joy to be with you as the mists dissolve and the light shines through.

This song came through after the message 💚

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