Allowing the flow of harmony through you

Allow it to leave you in the night.

This is what I hear when I contemplate the hamster wheel of repetitive struggles–things that just seem tough.

They are all games–just playful games. But when your personality is inclined this way or that way, release is easier for you in some ways and harder in others. We love to play and encourage you to play with the power of assumption.

You assume that sleep is a passive and relaxed state, and to some extent it is, but you are always on. You are always creating. When you think, however, of struggles that seem very old, very ingrained, very repetitive, get playful with the idea of sleep and forgetting to remember.

This takes your managing hands of it. Remember, we are surrounding you at all times. Our hands are always extended to take what you don’t need, to remove who you are not from daily experience. We cannot take anything that you are not willing to give, however.

Please put learning in the trash. Go ahead. Stick it in that wastebasket in the corner.

Feel your resistance? Let’s unpick this. Learning is something you regard yourself as doing. Compare that to the feeling of allowing love in the forms of knowledge, action and ability to flow through you. One feels much different than the other.

We do not ask you to throw away the feelings of joy and exhilaration that accompany expression and action. We only ask you to release the feeling of hard work that you have to do, processes you have to manage, accomplishments that you must earn.

Do you feel the tension in all that? Release the tension. Allow the flow. This doesn’t mean that you’ll never do something that looks like learning. It only means that you will be open and relaxed wherever you are, allowing the flow, primarily, above all else.

Allowing vs. doing. You need do nothing, even though in the world you will do many things. We’re just asking you to release the slog to us so you can enjoy the flow. Why would you hold the slog and the trudging like your precious?

It’s often related to the idea of earning, of worthiness, even of punishment. There is an ancient idea among you of deep guilt for terrible wrongdoing in creating the fear-based illusion you experience here. There is an idea of suffering because of it. You have done nothing. You never have done anything, as separate, non-harmonious entities, that is. You have created an illusion of collectively perpetrating deep wrongs, however.

This is the root of why you hang onto the slog, the drudgery, the separate-doingness. We stand here ready to receive it.

This is funny. I have a plan to Clean Out That Basement today. A cleaning out of the Once and for All variety.

An apt metaphor, no? As you clean and organize, let it penetrate everywhere. Anything you do can be a metaphorical and symbolic act of love. Appreciating, handling things lovingly, allowing order to be restored. Allowing order to be restored is a lot different than imposing order upon something defective. Feel the difference. Feel the order that you always have been, that has always been present, no matter what illusion you have collectively created. Allow it to come into form.

So back to “allow it to leave you in the night,” be playful with the passive idea of sleep. Imagine everything you don’t need being released at night. Imagine forgetting to remember the same patterns of thinking in the morning. Imagine going into the sleep state in full confidence that you’re entering an energetic spa that will prepare you for the next day. Open yourself to release and receive.

You are not a manager. You are, however a receiver. You are one who shares. This is what harmony is. It’s an unending, joyful giving and receiving as we create with one another. Allow harmony to express itself in form. See what comes out of your fingertips today, beyond management.

Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash

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