Remember–light is shared, always

We have a visualization that will be helpful today as you encounter bodies and minds. You know that harmony is. It is what is there underneath the surface, far vaster than the thin and malleable experience you call daily life. You are here to allow harmony up through the surface to express itself in form.

This is not about controlling your individual actions or even transforming what you regard as your separate self into a being who is harmonious. You already are a fully harmonious being. So is everyone else. That’s what you’re all here to see, to remember. As you see, as you remember, form changes. The illusion changes to match the reality.

When you encounter any being in thought or in body today, it is a sacred contact. Imagine touching your left palm to their right palm. This represents your sharing of the harmony that you are, that you always have been. In form, each of us has a particular quality of effortlessness. It is unique to expression through each form. In touching left palm to right palm, you open yourself to give what comes so easily to you. You don’t need to be able to identify it. Just know that it’s there, and it is something you can always share, just by your willingness.

See a glow of light between your palms.

Who doesn’t like a challenge? I am touching Adolf Hitler’s right palm, but I am seeing a twelve-year-old boy now. We are looking at each other. I see intensity, fierce determination.

Now you touch right palm to the other person’s left  palm. Now you are open to receive their gift of effortlessness. Everyone, without exception, has a gift to give. Everyone, without exception, is innocent. Everyone, without exception, is Love. We look past all the surface layers of the dream world to see the powerful being of light and love that is always there.

When anyone comes to you in memory, your opportunity is to make this contact and feel the two golden balls of light with them–the giving and receiving. Your opportunity is to know the beautiful and powerful beings of love and light that you both are, always, past all judgment of events in the physical world.

This creates a conduit for harmony to be expressed in form, across time and space.

Be playful with this visualization. It is meant to help you as you ask to see clearly. Change the color of the light. Change your method of contact.

**I was navigating situations with my toddler twins this morning, and I saw us all touching a beach ball size sphere of light together.**

Remember the parachute you played with in gym class when you were a child? See all the members of the U.S. Congress holding this parachute of light with you, flinging it up into the air, running under it, catching it on the other side. There you all are–in the light. Seeing past form. Taking a moment to play in the light that you are. Inviting that light to play beyond all judgment and into what you are expressing and projecting in form.

This is a simple reorientation tool to maintain the consistent awareness of who you are, where you are–always in Reality, no matter what appears now. If someone in form takes you by the hand and asks you to look upon the darkness appearing here in form, you will be able to do it with much love. If action is required, you will have the clear impulse to act.

Remember who you are, where you are, who you are with, always.

Edited to add:
There are reflections of the truth everywhere. This clip from Moana reflects what I wrote about this morning.

Photo by Maxime VALCARCE on Unsplash

4 thoughts on “Remember–light is shared, always

    1. The cursor was over the “y” in your, when I read your comment, so I read “our healing insights.” I was thinking how beautiful that was, feeling the insight together, when I saw the “y.” Funny and sweet moment, thank you 😊


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